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To say that some of our most beloved super icons may be shown in a religious light is the understatement of the century. Larger than life sub humans scaling buildings and battling foes all for the greater good of mankind sounds a bit christ like. However, in a book published by Harry Brod entitled “Superman Is Jewish?” we dive into the details of how this individual firmly believes, and has the proof to back it, that some of our most beloved are in fact of the Jewish persuasion.  

The history of batman animated films has been a slough of detective work, gadgets, and campy humor…until now. Batman: The Dark Knight Returns part 2 brings the audience a new spin of script and violence that no other batman animated film has seen before. Beautifully directed, cast, and animated this film will go down in comic history as the first of it’s kind to tap Frank Millers perspective on the Dark Knight himself.  

Queens based metal Band Dehumanized has been putting their time in since 1995 to bring fans the best of brutality. Composed of Michael Centrone, Anthony Cossu, Paul Tavora , Rich Nagasawa, and George Torres, this band through an unrelenting amount of hard work and dedication has released their long awaited second chapter, Controlled Elite. After their previous album, Prophecies Foretold was released in 1997, there has been a void in fans hearts awaiting the newest sound of grime to flow through their speakers and into their ears. Let there be no question that Controlled Elite was released just for that reason, and fans could not possibly be more thrilled.  

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Let this writer preface this review with the statement that she hates anime. She does not care for the genre, she does not enjoy the dialogue and she does not care for the reoccurring story lines in every film. However, knowing this prejudice upon reading this article, readers can be happy that she was pleasantly complacent in how beautiful the film played out.  

When the Mass Effect trilogy hit gaming stores across the country, it instantly became one of the most talked about and loved games to hit the scene in this prominent decade of gaming. BioWare is no stranger to producing choose your own fate style gaming that brings a whole new level of user connection to their customers. However, now that the trilogy has ended what can fans of the games turn to get their fix of sic-fi thrills and monster chills? What’s that you say? Full length anime? Count me in.  

Roseland ballroom was litered in a sea of black band tshirts on Friday November 16th. Bodies flooded the carpeted floor of this venue with their horns out and voices raised for the thrashing that was about to infest their ears. Merchandise booths packed with fans trying to add to their intimate collection of metal paraphernalia, bartenders slinging Bud Light’s for a heightened sense of music listening, and the speedy inhalation of cigarette smoke before the show only meant one thing. Lamb of God had returned to New York City, and New York City was ready for them.  

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There hasn’t been a horror film that has scared me in years. I feel like the only thing that has truly shocked me in theaters recently has been the rising ticket prices. Let’s not be completely cynical, there are parts of films that have lead me to jump slightly out of my seat, but for the most part the story line disintegrates somewhere during the film and leads to an utterly disappointing ending. Walking out of Sinister I can honestly say for the first time this year, that I was pleasantly surprised. Knowing instantly that Lionsgate had their fingers in this piece of cake, you knew almost exactly what you were getting yourself into, horror. What this writer didn’t know at the time of viewing was... 

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Upon purchasing this movie, one must realize that this film is 93 minutes in length. I say this for your knowledge in knowing that this is 93 minutes of your life you will never get back. After 93 minutes, you as a viewer are stuck on your couch motionless questioning what exactly you have just seen.  

As if being the producer of some of the greatest projects to ever hit the big screen wasn’t enough, Joss Whedon has decided to turn his creative master mind to a world that he was born and bread for… comics. Paired with Dark Horse Comics and his beloved story lines of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, Whedon’s new project Angel & Faith carries on the story lines that so many fans have felt so lost without for years.  

Three years. Three years is the amount of time that fans have waited to hear the latest work from fallen Gorgoroth members Gaahl and King. After a vicious dispute over rights to the name Gorgoroth, a new love child rose from the ashes of battered metal music, God Seed. Gaahl and King formed a new project with material meant for their previous band. An album in the works since 2009. A lyricist who has no dedication to finishing a a product without the most sincere hint of perfection added. So can we, the fans, finally expect a finished project that has had our faces turned to the media for so many years? Why yes we can.  

Since 1985, Neurosis has been bringing a mixture of heavy metal, acoustic, and punk to our ears landing them a spot to stay in the doom metal scene. Jose Carlos Santos of Terrorizer has stated that Neurosis is “arguably the most influential band of the past two decades.” With a slough of ever changing members, two decades, and a rise to fame following their tour in the 90’s with Pantera, It’s no surprise that the release of Neurosis’ new album Honor Found In Decay is eagerly awaited worldwide.  

Upstate Concert Hall in Clifton Park, NY was packed full on Tuesday night for┬áSeether’s Triple Threat Tour. The alternative rock trio scouted out other three-piece rock acts to fill the opening slots. Australia’s Sick Puppies, London’s Young Guns, and our home country US boys in Kyng were all recruited.  

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