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Yob’s latest album, Our Raw Heart, has been receiving high marks all across the metal community. I myself chimed in last week with nothing but praise for this accomplishment, and the hype is absolutely real for this beast of an album. With a North American tour with Bell Witch recently underway, things are looking great for the Oregon doom trio. Before heading out, I was able to catch up with bassist Aaron Rieseberg, who was able to give us some insighto n the going ons with the band, the new album, and the upcoming tour.  

I wrote in my Ophidian Spell review that I love watching a band rise from humble beginnings. To restate what I’ve said, I’ve been lucky to watch Nails, Ghost, and a few others start from a single Facebook page and demo early demos to the juggernauts they are in the wider spectrum of heavy music. Omnium Gatherum, one of Finland’s quintessential melo death bands, are no newcomers to the genre, but with the release of Grey Heavens, it seems they’re finally getting an ever-increasing amount of attention.  

Sully Erna hit the Big Apple recently for an intimate performance of a couple of songs from his upcoming sopohmore solo release “Hometown Life”. Sully sat down with Metal Machine after his performance to talk about his new album  

Dino Cazares from the band Fear Factory sat down with in NYC. Dino spoke about the new album Genexus, the new tour and his recent comments on Riff influences.  

Dez Fafara and the rest of his merry men (and woman) have returned in the reformed Coal Chamber. The band spoke with Metal Machine about their return, new album “Rival” and their current tour. The band hits NY this week (August 11th) playing the famed Irving Plaza with Fear Factory and Jasta.  

Know who was a bad motherfucker? Chuck Schuldiner! And who was Chuck Schuldiner? The founding member, guitarist, and vocalist for the seminal “death” metal band, DEATH, who pioneered the style in the dense, humid Florida metal scene. And since his untimely passing due to cancerous formations, the genre has never been quite the same. UNTIL NOW. With their debut album, Savage Land, released earlier this year, GRUESOME (an amalgamation of Exhumed, Possessed, Malevolent Creation, and Derketa members who plowed a row of devastation on the Death To All tribute tours) picks up this heavy crown and was kind enough to allow Gus Rios (Gruesome drummer, ex Malevolent Creation) to answer some no doubt dumb questions!  

  Chris Barnes is a Heavy Metal vocalist who spent 26 years innovating the Rock movement. From 1988 to 1993, Barnes spent time with his band Cannibal Corpse from Buffalo New York, by which he branched off in 1993 with his current band Six Feet Under stemming from Tampa Florida.  

From the Land of the Rising Sun and weird things on tv, the always surprising Sigh have slated their Graveward album for next month for those in the North American continent. But do not let that sadden you, as Mirai Kawashima (川嶋未来) (vocals, keyboards, samples, programming, orchestral arrangements, vokoder, woodwind instrument, percussion) of the titular tonal titans has graced our humble site with 7 answers to 7 questions about Graveward! Click further to see what goes on behind the smoke, and some thoughts on what went into the album.  

Nu Metal band From Ashes To New sat down with to talk all things Music, touring and their up coming CD. Check out the full sit down here. spoke with Jayson Keyser from Origin in NYC. Jayson spoke about all things Origin, Death Metal and why origin doesn’t have a website!!!  

The Legendary Udo Dirkschneider talked to recently from NYC. Udo was in town to talk all things “Decadent” the bands latest album.  

Papa Roach is back! With a new album titled F.E.A.R. (Face Everything and Rise) which is scheduled to be released on January 27th, 2015. Metal Machine got the chance to discuss the new album with guitarist Jerry Horton, along with the past history of the band. Although the album marks 22 years of Papa Roach, Horton insists the band views it more as “acknowledging 15 years of Infest.” With the album being a celebration of the success Papa Roach has found in the last 15 years, we wanted to take a road down memory lane with Jerry.  

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