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Canadian metal quartet Kittie shook up the Grammercy Theater last night on the NYC stop of their North American tour. The recent departure of long time bassist Ivy received a bittersweet reaction, allowing fans to welcome past bassist Trish Doan back to the band. The girls are currently on a nonstop tour in support of their 2011 release “I’ve Failed You”. The album has brought mixed reviews from critics, a fact the band seemed to be well aware of. The majority of their set consisted of tracks from their debut and sophomore albums, including hits ‘Brackish’ and ‘Mouthful of Poison’. The thrashing guitars and raw screams sent a chill through my spine; it wasn’t difficult... 

Houston’s Buzzfest returned to The Woodlands Pavilion this past weekend with a lineup mixed with a modest combination of newcomers and old Buzz favorites Korn, Evanescence, and Houston’s own Blue October. Despite initial complaints of the new direction the Buzz chose to go for Buzzfest 28 the sold out crowd proved to love every minute of it. Following past years of blistering heat and torrential rain this spring’s festival finally returned on a beautifully warm sunny day. Upcoming rockers Aranda opened the side stage early on in the day, greeted by loyal fans and listeners that were able to force themselves out of bed early for the set. They made the most of their short twenty minute slot, powering... 

Ukrainian folk industrial metal with German war themes. You following me ? Oh ! & with black metal vocals occasionally. This is their second full length album & since their first release it seems they’ve fallen right into their groove. They claim to be a non political band, so I’m sure the lyrical content & artwork is just story telling.  

Videogame Soundtrack Reviews: Saints Row III, Kingdoms of Amalur- Reckoning, Red Orchestra 2, and Deus Ex Part 4: Deus Ex I was somewhat anticipating this soundtrack to be my favorite so I had decided to save the best for last. Of course that meant I would have the most trouble with it; as that is always how it goes with me.  

Videogame Soundtrack Reviews: Saints Row III, Kingdoms of Amalur- Reckoning, Red Orchestra 2, and Deus Ex Part 3: Red Orchestra 2 I always have a certain amount of reluctance getting into games based on wars from our actual history. I know how popular they are and how tiresome and difficult it surely becomes to try and think of military or combat videogames based entirely on fantasy; yet I can’t seem to get behind them. I think it’s simply a personal thing on my behalf and it’s entirely likely that if I started to play a really, really good one I’d end up getting sucked in and addicted to it, thereby enjoying it almost against my will.  

Videogame Soundtrack Reviews: Saints Row III,  Kingdoms of Amalur- Reckoning, Red Orchestra 2, and Deus Ex Part 2:  Kingdoms of Amalur- Reckoning Not everyone is into the notion of magical, medieval worlds full of fierce wild creatures and epic quests fraught with danger, faeries, and dragons that are all part of a grand destiny that can not be avoided. There is usually a very complex back-story to each element, a full and detailed history of the realm, and sometimes even complete languages for different the races of creature. It can be overwhelming to have to take in and remember so much detail in order to follow the plot of a film, let alone maneuver through that world as a character yourself!  It can also... 

Brit stoner metal band released their 7th full length album on Feb. 13th through Candlelight Records. Originally called Our Haunted Kingdom (not sure if the new name was the right choice), they formed in 1995 & haven’t seemed to stop since despite not releasing an album since 2007. They had assured fans it would be worth the wait & I believe it has been.  

Videogame Soundtrack Reviews: Saints Row III, Red Orchestra 2, Kingdoms of Amalur- Reckoning, and Deus Ex Part 1: Saints Row III I’ve always been a fan of movie soundtracks and I own quite a few. A good soundtrack can set the tone for a film and make one that may otherwise have been merely interesting into something extraordinary.  

This is the very long awaited follow up to their 2005 album In the Arms of God that I know will please their day one fans as well as new listeners. What a great way to get a kid into punk, thrash & southern metal.  

Chevelle returned to New York City last night in support of their latest release, Hats off to the Bull. Opening the sold out show were Janus, and Middle Class Rut. Janus played a decent set, but it was nothing compared to their headlining show.  

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**Attn: Please see notice at end of article. Thank you!** The Walking Dead: The Season 2.5 Premier Review *Be Advised: In case you aren’t familiar with my usual review protocol, this article is for people who have already seen episode 8 and so will contain spoilers. It will also have mature language/content, as well as graphic imagery and interpretations/examinations that possess the obvious and unapologetic personal bias of yours truly. You have been warned.* The Walking Dead is back, everyone! The world is in its rightful place, the universe has re-aligned, and Sunday nights are once again something to look forward to rather than merely the  remaining bit of freedom before the start of a new week. Yes, the... 

Wayne Static, formerly of Static X, came to New York City last night in support of “Pighammer”, his debut solo record. On stage first were two local bands screaming through what sounded like one very long song. Up next was Baltimore’s Polka Dot Cadaver. Prior to the show I had never heard of these guys. Their unusual name had me assuming they would be similar to the other openers. They proved me wrong by powering through a solid set, including a cover of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean”, dance moves included. The bassist kept the crowd going throughout the set by jumping into the crowd and head banging with them. Loyal fans filed into Gramercy Theater on a Monday night while the stage was set up... 

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