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When the Mass Effect trilogy hit gaming stores across the country, it instantly became one of the most talked about and loved games to hit the scene in this prominent decade of gaming. BioWare is no stranger to producing choose your own fate style gaming that brings a whole new level of user connection to their customers. However, now that the trilogy has ended what can fans of the games turn to get their fix of sic-fi thrills and monster chills? What’s that you say? Full length anime? Count me in.
Mass Effect: Paragon Lost is the answer to the void that has been left in heart of all fans. This full length anime film serves as a prequel to Mass Effect 3. It was produced in part by BioWare, FUNimation, T.O Entertainment, and Production I.G. Production I.G is well known for their works Ghost in the Shell, and Kill Bill: Volume 1. This film follows a series of events starring Alliance Marine, James Vega voiced by Freddie Prince Jr.. Vega is a huge supporter of the video games main character Alliance Commander Sheapard, who is frequently mentions through out the film. In this film Vega leads a group of marines into battle against enemies known as The Collectors. On this ill known star system Vega and his crew are sworn to protect the civilians who inhabit it. A series of events occurs where the civilians are kidnapped for a purpose unknown to Vega and his men. In lieu of all that is going on Vega is faced with a various decisions that could leave many or all lives in serious jeopardy.

This film was very well put together. Even if you had never played the game and knew nothing of the Mass Effect world leading into it, the film could stand on its own. The animation is classic anime, with two dimensional properties laced with sarcastic dialogue. Campy humor and a decent script go a long way. I liked particularly how there were many easter eggs dealing with the actual game. The story line was pretty captivating, there was a decent combination of action and drama, even a little bit of sappy love junk for the softies.
I was confused at first on how this film was going to fit in with the games plot line, and was pleasantly surprised in discovering that it was a prequel to my favorite game of the trilogy. The writing fit almost in tangent to the story line for the games. If you are a fan of the games, this is a definite must see. If you’re a fan of anime, this is also a great grab. Even if you just like seeing stuff get blown up, buy this film. It’s worth the watch.

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