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I think the French are a serious  rival for the Norwegians in black metal. Coming from the not so cold Vernouillet, Haemoth, a two man project, is raw black in its purest form. In Nomine Odium is their third full length album after a variety of demos, splits & compilations.  

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Sounds from the South, Loincloth is a three piece instrumental progressive metal group. Iron Balls of Steel is their third attempt & they’ve cleaned up quite a bit. The bass player & drummer come from Confessor, a doom metal band with a vocalist. Dropping the vocals was a great idea for these two.  

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Every note is deliberate. Each song simple yet complex, with a mind of its own yet so fitting & perfect with one another.  

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It’s time to GO! The classic 1980’s Hanna Barbera cartoon television series is back on DVD, with the first five episodes digitally remastered on a single disc. Witness the action of the destructive GoBot rebels under the orders of the infamous Cy-Kill against the GoBot Guardians sworn to protect the inhabitants of planet Earth.  

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Rally-ho! The 1966 Hanna-Barbera cartoon trio, The Impossibles, is back, along with the mechanical marauder, Frankenstein Jr. on a 2-disc set! Complete with maniacally preposterous villains, witty action phrases and heroic banter, the crime-fighting combination of the dynamic trio and riveting robot brings out a classic sense of comedic superhero-based adventure.  

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