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Amanda Harvey Movies, News Comments Off on Star Wars Land in Disney?

You heard it folks, Disney is in talks about creating Star Wars land. This shouldn’t come as a surprise considering this is going to be the next major installment in their epic list of franchises. Theme Park Insider stated that they have heard from multiple different sources that Disney’s Hollywood Studios will be starting construction soon.  

Amanda Harvey Comic Book News, Movies, News, Reviews Comments Off on Man of Steel Review

I’m going to first state that I have set my expectations for this film very low. My expectations were in fact so low that anything I saw would have been better than I expected. Being a comic fanatic I feel this is the mentality most fans should walk into these movies with. I say this in case the film is terrible so fans aren’t left heart-broken. This being said, I was surprisingly pleased with what I saw.  

The Big Kahuna Comic Book News, Movies, News Comments Off on John C. Reilly to play Ronan “The Accuser”

It has been confirmed by Yahoo News that actor John C. Reilly will play Ronan The Accuser in the up coming Guardians Of The Galaxy. Reilly joins an All Star Cast that includes Benicio Del Toro, Glenn Close, Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Lee Pace, and Michael Rooker. Ronan The Accuser has been a long mainstay character in the Marvel Universe recently appearing in Annihilation and War Of Kings. Stay tuned for more news on Guardians Of The Galaxy and Marvel movies here at  

Amanda Harvey Comic Book News, Movies, News Comments Off on Russel Crowe Speaks About Man of Steel

On the eve of the opening of this film fans are sitting with their fingers crossed. We are all cautiously optimistic about how this film goes. It look beautiful, that cannot be denied, however the real testament to dedication lies within the story. IGN interviewed Russel Crowe about his role as Jor-El. From what I’ve watched and heard I feel like it’s very important that Crowe decided to take his own opinions on his portrayal. An actors connection to a character is key to an excellent execution of a story line.  

Amanda Harvey Comic Book News, Movies, News Comments Off on 300: Rise of and Empire Trailer Released.

Oh. My. God. This. Looks. So. Ridiculously. Epic.  

Amanda Harvey Comic Book News, Movies, News Comments Off on New 300 Poster Released.

As seen in the poster the actor is clearly Sullivan Stapleton who stared in Gangster Squad. The film is adapted from Frank Miller’s Xerxes by screenwriters Zack Snyder and Kurt Johnstad and director Noam Murro. The film is set to release next March and hopefully will be as bad ass and epic as the last, even without Gerard Butler.  

Amanda Harvey Comic Book News, Movies, News Comments Off on Angela Rumors for Guardians of the Galaxy

Well, well, well, if it isn’t a new rumor to hit the scene of the highly anticipated Guardians of the Galaxy. With a chunk of the cast already announced with many well known names there comes a new addition to the rumor list. This rumor comes in the form of everyone’s favorite Doctor Who redhead Karen Gillan.  

Amanda Harvey Movies, News Comments Off on J.J Abrams Speaks About Star Wars

Last Saturday at the Produced By conference, J. J Abrams finally spoke about his intentions with his upcoming works on the new Star Wars. Abrams intends on moving to the U.K this year to begin working on Episode VII to work on the film that is slated to air in early 2014.  

Amanda Harvey Hard Music, Movies, News Comments Off on Slipknot’s Clown to Make Documentary

Slipknot percussionist has a lot going on in his world right now. On top of making music he has recently decided to pick up a side project displaying something that is not redly spoken about in the film genre. M. Shawn “Clown” Crahan is making a documentary about eating disorders.  

Amanda Harvey Comic Book News, Movies, News Comments Off on Whedon Won’t Do Avengers 2 Without RDJ

Joss Whedon is standing for his Iron Man. Robert Downy Junior is in the middle of negotiations with his contract for Marvel’s The Avengers 2 and Marvel’s The Avengers 3, but it’s not clear whether he’ll return or if Marvel will recast Tony Stark. Please say it isn’t so. I couldn’t see Tony Stark as anyone else at this point.  

Amanda Harvey Comic Book News, Movies, News Comments Off on New Thor: Dark World Pictures and Malekith

Oh Thor, you beautiful specimen of Godly hammer wielding man. Thor; The Dark World will be released on November 8th to theaters everywhere. There is so much to expect from this film. There will be Dark Elves, which look pretty creepy if you ask me. There will be Natalie Portman, who is just nice to look at. There will be Malekith the Accursed who will be played by the doctor himself, Chris Eccelston. So many many exciting things to look forward to.  

The Big Kahuna Movies, News Comments Off on Did Marvel Studios just cast Thanos?

Word has exploded on the internet that Marvel Studios/Disney has cast Benicio Del Toro as a lead role in the studios upcoming Guardians Of The Galaxy movie. Not only has Del Toro been cast in the star studded feature, he has been signed to one of those pesky multi – film contracts to appear in different Marvel movies.  

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