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Today on Twitter Jim Carrey decided that he no longer wishes to be a part of Kick Ass 2. The actor had taken the role of Colonel Stars and Stripes and has a very strong message in his opposition against the violence in the film. All of this comes in lieu of the travesty that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary. A change of Heart, a change of film.  

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William Fichtner has confirmed that he indeed will be playing the super villain in Michael Bay’s reboot of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This movie has had a lot of fans up in arms about what is going on with it considering that Bay was attempting to change the entire origin premise of the turtles around.  

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How long have we waited for this sequel? This film is hands down one of the most quotable of all time. The new trailer was put out today and it looks fantastic. I know I am not the only one in saying that I am beyond excited for this.  

The Weinstein Co./Dimension Films has announced that they are pushing the released date for Sin City: A Dame to Kill For to August 22nd 2014. This is the second installment of the comic based film directed by Robert Rodriguez. The film was slated to open in October of this year.  

According to The Wall Street Journal, Warner Bros are going to be releasing Man of Steel for release in 2014. This means that they will be looking to start the new movie within the next year. There are also rumors that the Justice League will be airing in 2015. This mean wonders in the world of Warner Brothers/DC expanded universes considering they have fallen behind in the race with Marvel.  

Whedon has announced that Tom Hiddeston who plays Loki will not be in the sequel of Avengers. He made this announcement on Empire Podcast earlier this week.  

Vin Diesel has revealed the poster for his newly produced trilogy ender Riddick on Facebook yesterday. He also gave a little teaser of announcements to be had at San Diego Comic Con. “It’s been over decade, since I’ve been to Comic-Con…Grrr…The Furyan… P.s. First look at the 2013 Comic-Con, Riddick poster.”  

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You heard it folks, Disney is in talks about creating Star Wars land. This shouldn’t come as a surprise considering this is going to be the next major installment in their epic list of franchises. Theme Park Insider stated that they have heard from multiple different sources that Disney’s Hollywood Studios will be starting construction soon.  

I’m going to first state that I have set my expectations for this film very low. My expectations were in fact so low that anything I saw would have been better than I expected. Being a comic fanatic I feel this is the mentality most fans should walk into these movies with. I say this in case the film is terrible so fans aren’t left heart-broken. This being said, I was surprisingly pleased with what I saw.  

It has been confirmed by Yahoo News that actor John C. Reilly will play Ronan The Accuser in the up coming Guardians Of The Galaxy. Reilly joins an All Star Cast that includes Benicio Del Toro, Glenn Close, Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Lee Pace, and Michael Rooker. Ronan The Accuser has been a long mainstay character in the Marvel Universe recently appearing in Annihilation and War Of Kings. Stay tuned for more news on Guardians Of The Galaxy and Marvel movies here at  

On the eve of the opening of this film fans are sitting with their fingers crossed. We are all cautiously optimistic about how this film goes. It look beautiful, that cannot be denied, however the real testament to dedication lies within the story. IGN interviewed Russel Crowe about his role as Jor-El. From what I’ve watched and heard I feel like it’s very important that Crowe decided to take his own opinions on his portrayal. An actors connection to a character is key to an excellent execution of a story line.  

Oh. My. God. This. Looks. So. Ridiculously. Epic.  

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