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A new picture from Spiderman 2 was released today. The filming has been going on around the greater NYC area and has stirred up quite a crowd. However, a new picture released shows a character that most of us had parted ways with. This reboot has stars Andrew Garfield playing the beloved Peter Parker, Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy and a few other well known names. Warning, clicking below might spoil a lot for the second movie.  

Amanda Harvey Comic Book News, Movies, News Comments Off on Punisher Movie Rumors?

If you’re into the whole browsing IMDB to see what might potentially be hitting big screen soon, you might fall on a big surprise. Linking Jeph Loeb’s screen there’s an awesome little tidbit of information following the news that Punisher rights have gone back to Marvel Studios.  

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Happy 75th anniversary to the Man of Steel, and with this celebration comes a new logo. This new logo was released today along with plans for a new animated short. The two-minute animated film will be produced by no one other that Zac Snyder himself.  

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It’s official, Glenn Close has signed on as another Hollywood name to the Guardians of the Galaxy film. She will be playing the head of Nova Corps. However, it was no easy climb to the top. Glenn beat out many hopefuls to obtain the role. Names such as High Laurie, Ken Watanabe, and Alan Rickman all lost to Miss Cruella De Ville herself. There are many stars still in contention and in talks of different roles.  

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A year ago it was confirmed that WWE wrestler Hornswoggle will be taking over Warwick Davis’ role in in the reboot of the horror film Leprechaun. The Wrap reported that Zach Lipovsky, a visual-effects artist and former contestant on Steven Spielberg and Mark Burnett’s reality competition series On the Lot has been tapped to direct the horror themed comedy as it reboots the classic.  

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It is upon us. Apart from the highly anticipated film of the summer, Man of Steel, comic book retailers are participating in a day dedicated to the alien hero himself, Superman. Wednesday June 12th has been announced as Man of Steel Day and apart from the excitement inflicted one can also receive a copy of ALL STAR SUPERMAN #1 SPECIAL EDITION comic book by Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly.  

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The forst theatrical trailer for Metallica’s new movie has been released. For years fans have waited to see what this band is going to do next, and although they have no plans or movements towards a new album, this full featured 3D film will just have to suffice.  

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Bryan Singer has announced that Quicksilver will be featured in XMen: Day’s of Future Past. This character will be played by American Horror Story’s Evan Peters. However, in all of this happiness of casting and announcements we are so soon to forget that Quicksilver and his sister Scarlet Witch are to be featured in Joss Whedon’s new Avengers 2 script. Marvel crossover? PLEASE!  

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Since the first wave of water colored poster art had been released for the newest installment of “The Wolverine” we have only seen vague and slightly distinguishable characters. In accordance with the new trailer release (which is awesome) we have also been given posters that are clearly defined as characters Yukio and Viper. The art is still pretty ambiguous, however follows in suit with the films genre and style and I think they work well. Not to mention a pretty awesome scene in the trailer of Jean Grey was revealed.  

The Big Kahuna Comic Book Interviews, Comic Book News, Movies, News Comments Off on Exclusive: Michael Rooker speaks Yondu…maybe. recently caught up with actor Michael Rooker, recently of Merle fame from the AMC hit “The Walking Dead” was at this years XCON Comic Con in South Carolina and Rooker spoke all things Walking Dead, Harrison Ford and his upcoming role in the Marvel mega blockbuster Guardians Of The Galaxy Yondu? Check out the video below…  

The Big Kahuna Hard Music, Movies, News Comments Off on I, FRANKENSTEIN – First Official Lenticular Debut

Check out the exclusive first look of I, FRANKENSTEIN straight from the Cannes film festival! The dystopian thriller, from the producers of UNDERWORLD, pits gargoyles and demons against each other in the ultimate battle for immortality. Starring Aaron Eckhart, Bill Nighy, Miranda Otto, Jai Courtney, and Yvonne Strahovski, this modern day epic will have you on the edge of your seat!  

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In 2004, the Chronicles of Riddick aired with a little bit of animosity from the fans. From there we thought the franchise had fallen off with no hopes of returning. Today a new trailer for the second installment for what is slated to be a trilogy appeared. Starring Vin Diesel this film will be the third in the series following Pitch Black’s events in 2000. What makes this film a bit different then the previous is that Diesel is producing it.  

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