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Does anybody remember the days of old, when bands used to go for technical proficiency with their instruments? And I don’t mean bands that were Progressive or Technical. I mean bands with guitarist like Skulnick, Marty Friedman, and the ever immortal shredster Yngwie Malmsteem? when tapping was simply a way to work into the next couple thousand notes that just made your speakers weep with exhaustion when you finally passed out from headbanging to the beat? I do. And I finally found a band that does too! they are Exmortus, and they kick all the ass.  

So it has been a long time since I have heard a band that captured something other than detuning perfectly. A perfect blend of shredder, actual human drumming talent, and a vocalist who can hit the valhallan highs with the best of the late 70’s/80s. An amazing collection of talent, Skull Fist put a lot of effort into their band, and it really shows!  

After a debut EP, “This Is Oil” (Deadlight, 2008), an impressively massive full-length,”All Is One” (Slowburn, 2011) along the lines of Mastodon and Baroness, constant touring in Europe and a split EP with fellow French Stoner / Doomsters Hangman’s Chair (“Moodisorder,” 2012), DRAWERS decided in a wise move that doing killer music wasn’t enough and that being able to reinvent themselves was way more interesting than releasing the same album over and over, as killer that album could be.  

Now I know Punk and Metal are the two tough kids on the playground, and they don’t like to get along  

Due to the awesome head office of Metal Machine, I had the pleasure to witness not one, but TWO epic tours that wound together with a late addition show in Midland, Texas, at La Hacienda! I was witness to the Industrialist Tour for Fear Factory joining the Super Collider Tour from Megadeth, with Nonpoint opening up for the pair. This tour is a not miss opportunity, and I took full advantage!  

RABBITS is a long running, sludgy/heavy/drinking/punk/hardcore/noise metal band out of Washington state, who really tend to never follow a single damn convention in the musical world.  

Progressive music tends to wax and wane quite a bit in popularity, with certain bands like Animals As Leaders, Death (Progressive Death Metal FTW!), Between the Buried and Me, and a few others maintaining their thrones even when the trend isn’t in their favor. Progressive bands tend  

So I have a confession to make: I have no idea what the hell OvO is about. But I also say the same thing about Kardashians. To be honest, I can see where the art comes into play with noise metal, and I can appreciate everything that goes into making such a cacophony, but It’s completely not my thing, generally speaking. And with this album, ABISSO, “generally” can be applied to much of what I hear.  

As the most highly anticipated nerd fest event on the east coast there are a lot of great expectations to live up to. With a chalk full line up of stars, vendors, panels, and companies New York Comic Con 2013 shined brightly against San Diego’s convention with their own North East flare and stamina. Every day had multiple amazing things to offer and so many events for con-goers to attend.  

I consider myself well versed in the industry of comic books and comic book collecting. I am a long time collector, have read and studied on all the greats of the industry such as Jack Kirby, Carmine Infantino, George Perez, John Byrne, etc. and have interviewed many of today’s super mega stars of the comic book industry. But watching Superheroes: The Never-Ending Battle, I was taken aback by how much I didn’t know about the beginnings of the comic book industry. Superheroes: TNEB is a 3 part documentary hosted by Liev Shrieiber on the history of comic books airing October 15th on PBS.  

As most folks recuperate from the wonders of New York Comic Con, some new issues came out last week that beg for commentary. I’m here to provide some  

Some very promising comics and graphic novels came out last week. Get them now before more issues this Wednesday  

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