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According to The Wall Street Journal, Warner Bros are going to be releasing Man of Steel for release in 2014. This means that they will be looking to start the new movie within the next year. There are also rumors that the Justice League will be airing in 2015. This mean wonders in the world of Warner Brothers/DC expanded universes considering they have fallen behind in the race with Marvel.
The only thing that I really do not like about these rushed releases is the lack of dedication to CGI editing and postproduction. Lack of focus on these details could seriously harm the cinematic value of what is going on in these films. With out a doubt in my mind, the major reasons these films are so successful right now is because they can be edited to bring these supernatural beings to screen. If you skimp on these details what are you left with? You are left with piss poor interpretations comparable to the 60’s and 70’s television shows. These companies cannot back track now. After all the work that has been put in to their productions and bringing comics alive for everyone to bask in their glory it would be an act short changing fans to rush production. This is simply not acceptable. However the world of film is run by money and money is inherited by block buster films. I would go as far to say brace yourself for the inevitable of a downfall here.

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