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The Big Kahuna Comic Book News Comments Off on Should Thor Be Updated?

   With casting on Marvel’s first live-action Norse God solo film Thor rolling in slowly but surely, the movies direction is pushing it’s way into the spotlight. With the hiring of Shakespearean regular Kenneth Brannagh to helm the picture, an Old-English speaking Thor was almost assured and later confirmed by a Marvel Big Wig or two. From the point of view of most page flipping fanboys, this would seem a natural move as the character is often represented on the page in a very Old-English, Shakespearean, mythic mentality.  

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   It’s been an exciting two weeks for Bat-Fans. Yeah I said it. With new men behind the masks of Robin, Red Robin and the Dark Knight himself. Things are certainly changing in Gotham. Who is changing the best though? Dick is obviously a little hesitant about jumping into the classic Cape and Cowl. This unwillingness to embrace the role could lead to some early hardships, but it is certain that once he gets a hang of it that Dick Grayson will fill the role well. Wearing the yellow and red, Damian Wayne is Dick Grayson’s sidekick in his fight against crime and a vicious one at that. He has shown little contempt for criminal life and has shown willingness to even become Batman himself if Grayson fails to... 

The Big Kahuna Comic Book News Comments Off on Why Does Superman Always Get Ragged On?

So, I just saw a preview of the up coming JLA – Cry For Justice #1 and I have to say…enough with the ragging on Superman! It’s played out! I have been reading comic books for over 20 years and I have to say that the whole Superman put downs are so played out. For all those not familiar with Cry For Justice, Hal Jordan is branching out with his own version of The JLA to hunt down villians that have run amok and killed and maimed heroes and such. The opening scenes of the book have Jordan (Green Lantern) castigating Superman and the league for not doing more and seeking revenge for the deaths of Batman and Martian Manhunter. This scene has played out over and over and it gets kind of runned down after... 

The Big Kahuna Comic Book News Comments Off on Blackest Night Begins-Will This Story Ring True?

So, the event of the summer is upon us, Green Lantern, Blackest Night, this one by all accounts looks like it might get DC back “event” in the game. Their big superstar, Jeff Johns is on the case and in the free comic day edition preview to the mini coming this summer, he promised this would be unlike any other “event” book. DC has been in a flux this year with the whole “Batman Death” crap, the mess that was Final Crisis and the Titan books in disarray, the one bright spot seems to be geared to be a hit.  

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