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So, the event of the summer is upon us, Green Lantern, Blackest Night, this one by all accounts looks like it might get DC back “event” in the game. Their big superstar, Jeff Johns is on the case and in the free comic day edition preview to the mini coming this summer, he promised this would be unlike any other “event” book. DC has been in a flux this year with the whole “Batman Death” crap, the mess that was Final Crisis and the Titan books in disarray, the one bright spot seems to be geared to be a hit.

For those that don’t know the back story, The Green Lanterns and Oans have been on a collision course with the prophesy of the Blackest Night, which is a set of Lanterns that rise from the dead when the black rings scour the universe for worthy ring bearers. The Black Lantern lamp was created by the death of the Anti-monitor after the Sinestro Corps War. Many familiar and powerful dead characters from the DC Universe will be deemed “worthy of these rings.

Many characters that already have been confirmed are Firestorm, Martian Manhunter, Superman 2, and Terra and so on. The amount of dead is limitless. It seems that Johns is on track for a hit here, as all things dead are the hottest things in comic books these days. From Image Comics Walking Dead to Marvels Zombies, the dead are alive and kicking. Hopefully, this storyline will right the ship over at DC and get the creative juices flowing again in the right direction


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