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So, I just saw a preview of the up coming JLA – Cry For Justice #1 and I have to say…enough with the ragging on Superman! It’s played out! I have been reading comic books for over 20 years and I have to say that the whole Superman put downs are so played out. For all those not familiar with Cry For Justice, Hal Jordan is branching out with his own version of The JLA to hunt down villians that have run amok and killed and maimed heroes and such. The opening scenes of the book have Jordan (Green Lantern) castigating Superman and the league for not doing more and seeking revenge for the deaths of Batman and Martian Manhunter. This scene has played out over and over and it gets kind of runned down after a while.

We saw it in the first Outsiders books in the 80’s when Batman had it out with Supes, then you see it in The Dark Knight Returns, (although I must say that version of it was well written), you see it time and time again in various JLA books. I get it, Superman is the ultimate athority figure. You know what he is going to say when something like this comes up. Superman is the face of the ultimate hero, he can never particapate in acts such as hunting peole down. It would confirm all of Lex’s ideology about Superman.  So I just think that the heroes and characters should do what they are going to do, and then deal with the ramifications later.  To confront Kal about what they are going to do is going to always get the same response.

Just my take on it. By the way, I think JLA – Cry For Justice looks like it could be a good book. Give the villians a little of their own medicine.

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