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   It’s been an exciting two weeks for Bat-Fans. Yeah I said it. With new men behind the masks of Robin, Red Robin and the Dark Knight himself. Things are certainly changing in Gotham. Who is changing the best though? Dick is obviously a little hesitant about jumping into the classic Cape and Cowl. This unwillingness to embrace the role could lead to some early hardships, but it is certain that once he gets a hang of it that Dick Grayson will fill the role well. Wearing the yellow and red, Damian Wayne is Dick Grayson’s sidekick in his fight against crime and a vicious one at that. He has shown little contempt for criminal life and has shown willingness to even become Batman himself if Grayson fails to do the job. Everyone knows that ambition can get you places but Damians misguided rage is also what got Jason Todd killed. Tim Wayne has also gained a change in attire sporting the Red Robin tights. So far it has been a strong start for Tim as he has been able to establish himself outside of the country and even attract the attention of Ra’s Al Ghul. Not a small feet. It looks that strong futures await ever member of the Bat-Family but who will be able to handle their new lives better? Who will be able to handle the mad men and eco-terrorists that surely await? Tell us your thoughts and let’s discuss it.

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