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It all starts with Superman. My life long obsession with comics began at age four, when my Mom bought me a DC Blue Ribbon Digest at the grocery store one week. That little pocket sized volume reprinted classic Superman stories from the 50’s, 60” s and 70’s. Of course I didn’t know that at the time, to my young eyes they were all new and all exciting. I distinctly remember sitting and attempting to copy the opening splash from the classic Superman Red/Superman Blue issue by Curt Swan. That was it. For better or for worse I was hooked.  

We showed you the cover yesterday, but we’ve got another enticing extra from the upcoming October Absolute collection of Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely’s epic ALL STAR SUPERMAN run. Namely, an engaging and essential from famed designer and author Chip Kidd. Click below for the full text.  

We interrupt your week-long Superman awesomeness for a few stunning pages from THE FLASH #3. I think you’ll forgive us, right?  

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  Wild Eye Releasing and MVD Visual are pleased to announce the release of Night Of The Living Dead: Reanimated for North American distribution on July 27. Rondo Award-nominated as Best Independent Horror Feature, Night Of The Living Dead: Reanimated is a collaborative artistic mash-up of George Romero’s cult classic. Nearly 150 International artists and animators chose their favorite scenes and re-envisioned them through their own artwork, with no restrictions on style, media or process – resulting in an eclectic ‘art show’ interpretation of the seminal 1968 film, all placed over the original’s audio. With work ranging from oil paintings to comic illustrations and sock puppets to CGI... 

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  There is death/doom and then there is BEYOND HELL’s The Sleeper Awakens. Featuring drummer Elektrokutioner (DECREPITAPH, FATHER BEFOULED, FESTERED, etc) and with guest appearances by Patrick Bruss of CRYPTICUS (who also mixed/mastered) and Sly of FONDLECORPSE  

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Deathgasm Records destroyers NOMINON, INFINITUM OBSCURE, and QUINTA ESSENTIA are about to embark on the DEATH METAL DARKNESS TOUR 2010, which begins on June 18th in Ramona, CA. Tour dates are listed below. We’ll keep  

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New Jersey’s ENDER are set to release their Eulogy Recordings debut “This Is Revenge” on July 20th. The album was recorded at Treehouse Studios (Jersey City, NJ) and produced by Weston Kleinknecht. They just posted a new track “Panty Sniffer Does Porn” on their Myspace page which features guest vocals from EMMURE frontman Frankie Palmeri.  

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Brooklyn, NY- June 10, 2010 – Chicago, Illinois’s TUB RING announce the release of their fifth full-length, SECRET HANDSHAKES, due out August 31 on The End Records. The group recorded the 14-track album at Chicago’s Electrical Audio and at keyboardist Rob Kleiner’s own Studio Edison, with Kleiner doing double duty as producer.  

  This week is all about celebrating the Man of Steel and the many creators and eras he’s been involved with. And we’d be remiss if we didn’t include writer Grant Morrison and artist Frank Quitely’s epic, emotional and classic run on ALL STAR SUPERMAN.  

If you thought we had a blog packed with creators, news and excitement when BATMAN #700 came out, you’re in for a treat. As some of you know, this week marks the 700th issue of SUPERMAN. The anniversary issue not only features a first look at J. Michael Straczynski and Eddy Barrows’ “Grounded” storyline, but is full of clues and hints about the other titles in the SUPERMAN family, including ACTION COMICS, SUPERGIRL and the new SUPERBOY series from Jeff Lemire.  

It’s been a hectic and exciting week here at The Source and beyond, so we thought it’d be a good idea to take a minute to round up some of the more notable posts from the last few days:  

  This month, writer Judd Winick and artist Pablo Raimondi joined forces to reveal the origins of the Red Hood in RED HOOD: THE LOST DAYS, a six-issue mini-series that spotlights an angry young man’s transformation into one of Batman’s deadliest foes.  

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