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Naughty Bear Review by Mike Fairservice When you first hear the name Naughty Bear, you think of something on Teletoon or Treehouse, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Naughty Bear does start off like a typical children’s story: “Oh Naughty Bear, you sure look different than the other bears.  Your stuffing is loose, stitched are wrong, part of your ear is missing and you look dirty and are all stained. What’s that Naughty Bear?  You made a gift for someone’s birthday?  That was  very nice of you.  Now why don’t you go to the birthday party and give it to the birthday bear?” So then off he goes to take the gift to the birthday party and make some friends.  But as you probably already know, teddy... 

All this week, we’ll not only be checking in with writers and artists about their contributions to SUPERMAN #700 and their thoughts on the character, but we’re also getting sneak peeks into the upcoming events unfolding in the pages of ACTION COMICS, SUPERGIRL, SUPERMAN and SUPERBOY. First up, we have writer Paul Cornell – who, in a bit of news we’re happy to announce here, just signed an exclusive contract with DC Comics – talking about his first arc on ACTION COMICS, which pairs him with artist Pete Woods. The focus? Someone we’re all familiar with – the evil mastermind known as Lex Luthor.  

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Gruntruck was one of the bands who defined the early Seattle grunge scene. The group recorded two spectacular albums – “Inside Yours” and “Push” –  but afterwards faded into obscurity, overshadowed by the bigger and more successful grunge acts. This exclusive double reissue brings back both classic CDs in one package – an ultimate taste of the Sound of Seattle…  

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  Multi-Platinum hard rock band Disturbed have scored their highest chart entry position at Active Rock radio to date with the No. 5 bow of “Another Way To Die,” the electrifying new single from their upcoming album Asylum.  

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    The new edition of the festival will take place on 27th August in Spodek Hall, Katowice (Poland) and will be headlined by the revolutionary multi-platinum, Grammy award-winning rockers – KoRn!!! Other bands confirmed are: Opeth, Pain Of Salvation, Katatonia, Riverside and Votum!! One more band is yet to be announced…  

Gavin Baddeley and Dani Filth wrote the “The Gospel of Filth: A Bible of Decadence and Darkness”, the definitive book on the themes dominant in heavy metal through an analysis of Cradle of Filth’s discography and career.  

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    Austin, TX’s metal luminaries The Sword are kicking it into high gear as the release of their highly anticipated third full-length Warp Riders (August 24th; Kemado Records) rapidly approaches.  The band has finally revealed the album’s artwork and will be releasing additional visual companions in the form of an upcoming picture disc and an epic video trilogy.  

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Metal Mind Productions presents a re-release of the only studio album by the American death/doom metal band Sorrow.   Sorrow’s history is a by-the-book example of a band who had genuine talent, but just weren’t lucky enough to survive the avalanche of metal releases in the early 90’s. Today, the group’s debut album “Hatred and Disgust” (1992), along with the preceding EP “Forgotten Sunrise” (1991), are considered as true metal classics, hunted by music collectors all around the world. This exclusive double reissue brings back these classics in all of their brutal, devastating glory…  

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On January 9 and 10, 2010, Dir En Grey took flight into the Nippon Budokan and played to thousands of their fans from all over the world. Capturing every angle from this sold out, two night event, UROBOROS -with the proof in the name of living… – AT NIPPON BUDOKAN  

Glenn Danzig today unleashes his first new Danzig studio album in six years, Deth Red Sabaoth, on Evilive/The End Records.  The album is currently streaming on AOL Music’s Full CD Listening Party ( 

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One of heavy metal’s  most respected and influential bands, Slayer is about to enter the “app age” with the launch of Slayer:  Pinball Rocks, a new pinball game app developed in conjunction with American Recordings/Columbia Records, Sony Music Entertainment and Gameprom.  

Hey, so Chicago’s C2E2 was a bust for many, we know here at we had a really bad time at the show, getting there, thin crowds, misplaced hotel reservations and a speeding ticket in Indiana trying to get the hell out of there. But one good thing did happen at the show, our neighbor was none other than Menton J. Mathews III, upcoming super artist, painter. Currently working for IDW. Check out this video interview we did with Menton as we waited for the crowds that never came.  

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