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Here’s a bit of a different speed of The NAM, so you guys don’t think I am just fukll of hate or disappointment, or anything like that. I’m not your dad, so there’s no need for this to be an awkward place for anybody. That’s between you guys. So, I thought I’d start doing genre spotlights for my favorite sub-genres of metal! Doesn’t that sound like fun??? WELL ITS GONNA BE! Now stop crying and listen up, its all about the Sludge today!  

Ok, starting off the bat, this is not my normal type of jam. No distortion, no fuzz, no gritty blues and not a single open D/C#? Hardly even music! barely even civilized. The album I speak of is the new one from Anathema, the new Distant Satellites.  

A review of Tekeli-Li by French Black Metal band, The Great Old Ones!  

This Tuesday, a quite lovely little album from Darkest Era happened to grace the world with its presence. I am, of course, talking of Severance. It’s a bit more traditional than some of the other releases of late, in that its simply a great metal album. Specifically, because I know some of you HAVE to have a genre, its a Melodic release, similar in fashion to Rhapsody of Fire or Iron Maiden, and a few others. Nothing but fine singing, metal riffing, and some epic Celtic musicianship.  

As you might have seen from a certain big time British publication about all things metal and rock, The lead singer and guitarist of the band Gojira, Joe Duplantier, admits to purposely avoiding writing great songs to be recorded. Due to being “selfish”, in his own admission. I take severe umbrage at this, for many reasons. And what are those reasons? well, reader who i just made up to question everything I type (I might name George…), I shall expound posthaste!  

Ok, so who do you feel is the MOST METAL of them all? Ozzy the Prince of Darkness and Grandfather of MEtal, Lemmy of Motorhead, Dio (May he rest in the halls of which he sang), maybe even Billy from Testament or Randy Blythe from LoG? All of these frontmen are brutal and vicious singers in their own ways, and I am not saying none are contenders, but I submit this name to you, oh questioning readers: Christopher Lee  

As some of you know, a while back Killswitch Engage split with their second vocalist, Howard Jones. The split was fairly amicable, by all accounts, and the band moved on to recruit their first singer, Jesse Leach (Times of Grace), back into the fold of KSE. Now, after hearing nothing from Mr. Jones, we have a brand new band with a familiar face throwing some aggression at our listening holes: Devil You Know.  

Another great drop this week, in the vein of traditional metal or even New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM), The Cult of the Vestal Claret, by the titular Vestal Claret, is repping the old school styles pretty hard. You have great base to build off, and they have that old rocking metal sound, with a doom and gloom message about that old tyme religion, devil worship. Fuzzy, dirty, and easy to remember. What’s not to love?!  

The era of Rock N’ Roll has been dead for a long time. In fact, ever since they found out that hairspray has been a deciding factor in the removal of ozone, its been just slowly sliding into a golden memory. Until now. The days of actually knowing how to do more than play a simple power chord pattern has given way to a true Rock band: MACH 22. These guys are as fast as their name, with sweet, sweet crunch, fried chicken-tasty licks, and some energy to spare! Their new album, Sweet Talk Intervention, is a glorious throwback to bands like King’s X, Living Colour, Extreme, and just a little bit of GNR. Starting from just the packaging, you know you’re in for a wild ride: the artwork is a gorgeous palette... 

Sometimes you just can’t catch a break. SMBH has one of the most pain in the ass names to have to repeatedly type, and I’ll probably say it several times. The new album, “shortly” titled Calculations of the Ancients, was just released this past April 29th, and has started to decimate ear tubes across the world.  

Originally released in 1991 by Rise Above Records, Shadow Kingdom Records has given worldwide release to a true Doom Metal classic. Salvation’s Answer, from Baltimore doom expansionists REVELATION is officially available on digital and CD formats.on April 29.  

Another great evening of music was put on display this last friday (03/21), with the tour featuring Protest the Hero and Battlecross, featuring The Safety Fire (UK), Intervals, Night Verses, and locals Violent Vendetta. An insanely solid lineup and show, this was a lineup that really any metal fan could just walk into and enjoy. Compared to the Friday before that, with the current tour of Between the Buried and Me, one didn’t have to be solely a prog metal guy to have fun.  

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