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Algebra 1ITS MATH METAL TIME! HA! Gotcha! Its only the name of a sweet upcoming album from a technical thrash (a VERY ironic phrase) band called…. ALGEBRA! And don’t worry if you can’t conjugate a fraction, it’s only hard on your ears! And there will be a test later.

The new album is a heavy conglomeration that hail from the thrashiest of corners of metal, rivaling Municipal Waste for the title of Neothrash Kings. They have all the dirt and grime, layered with talented minstrels, that old school Slayer fought to the front lines with, with a little of that old swedish scoop in the sound. They don’t have polish, they don’t have commercial viability, but they’ll make your parents still tell yo to turn that stereo the fuck down. They also have a similar sound to Toxic Holocaust, without the acidic fuzz that is their signature tone.

THis whole album makes me long for that old denim mosh, where long hair and guitars ruled the land, and acid washed was how cool you were. The production is minimal, with the band’s sound coming through how it was meant to: kind of analog’d. This would be a perfect album t have on vinyl, or if you’re too snobbish to consider this viyl worthy (Philistine!), a cassette tape will keep that ol’ van under the bridge a rockin’. And no, you still can’t come a knockin’.

An excellent addition to any thrasher’s collection, Feed The Ego by Algebra will be available September 2, 2014, on iTunes, Amazon, and any other online purveyor of truly twisted trash music!

Sample available on the Unspeakable Axe BandCamp and all record packages available there too!

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