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Lethal Dosage 2Review of the new album Consume by Arizona metallers Lethal Dosage!

Here lately, I have been hooked on perusing Bandcamp for new bands, because its a great way for big and small bands to put their music out cheaply and on a massive scale. When i was looking at some of The Compound‘s bands, I noticed a new name, the titular Lethal Dosage, and decided to see if I could find something of theirs to listen to. BAM! Bandcamp to the rescue. They have just released the new album Consume, and its a brick against the side of the head.

They have a sound between metal, punk, and sandpaper, and its delivered via the Hate Mail Express. THeir band is tight, the sound is 36 grits of pure abrasive, an dthe energy just bleeds out of the speakers. Not a lot of polish is in on this record, and thats perfect, as these young guns just run straight over you when the first track, Drink, winds up. Its a fast, nasty song that is mosh fodder for anybody who feels they can hang with this crowd. And no song on here is a sleeper, either. They come from the school of ‘ballads are for suckers’, so everything is groovy, blast beat laden, or just fucking hostile.And there is no technical savagery here, its really simple metal, and its perfect. Also check out Black Eye, Katheter, Gods Shall Perish, and Consume.

Lethal Dosage is currently wrapping up their live outing with Rattlehead, and the final date on their tour is listed below:

Some are Good, Summer Evil

Lethal Dosage 3

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