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Swedish Heavy Metal journeyman QUICKSAND DREAM have premiered a new track from forthcoming album, Beheading Tyrants. Stream “Daughters of Eve” at the following link after this break:  

Philadelphia power trio The WORKHORSE III will self-release their third album Closer to Relevance on December 9. Too Rock for Metal and too Metal for Rock? More like Loud, Proud, and Hot as Hell! You be the judge: stream “Soul Crusher“, featuring bassist Steve McCarthy on lead vocals, after the break:  

Godflesh‘s industrial metal epic “Merciless“, as covered by LAMENT CITYSCAPE and THEOLOGIAN, is now streaming. The track is an exclusive bonus found on the digital version of their Soft Tissue collaborative full-length, and this week sees a special stream.  

New Jersey’s RISK RELAY — now just over a week from releasing their fourth full-length, As We Descend, through Nefarious Industries – offer a new preview of the record with, “The Meeting“, through a premiere of the song.  

Flatspot Records prepares to release the brutalizing tunes of The Extermination Vol. 3 compilation LP this Friday, featuring brand new tracks from some of the current hardcore scene’s top acts.  

This Friday (November 11th), Ravencult will release their third full-length (and Metal Blade Records debut!), Force Of Profanation. For a preview of Force Of Profanation, head over HERE, where the album is now streaming in full!  

My favorite part about discovering bands is seeing who has potential to become something big and who is going to fade into obscurity. The latter is the most common, obviously, because there’s only so many metal bands that strike it “big.” There’s a photo somewhere where it says Finland has the most metal bands per 100 people or something like that, yet how many Finnish bands can you name? Only the strong survive, and seeing that grow from a band’s first few releases is truly amazing. I was lucky enough to see that happen with Ghost and Nails as Opus Eponymous and Unsilent Death were being released, and I’m hopefully seeing it again right now.  

Following the 2015 Sensory Records release of their debut album, The Great Lie, France’s epic metal opera collective, MELTED SPACE, has issued special remixed versions of several tracks from the album through a new digital EP, titled Remix Remodel, which is now streaming Additionally, an official video for the revamped version of the track “Titania” has been completed, and is playing.  

Ohio’s gnarled FISTULA has released a new track from their newly-unleashed The Shape Of Doom To Cumm))) album through a stream of “Serial Vapist“.  

Just over a year since the Abyss Of Longing Throats full-length was released, Dutch experimental/black metal act GNAW THEIR TONGUES — the work of frontman and demon channeler Maurice “Mories” De Jong, also of Aderlating, Cloak Of Altering, De Magia Veterum, among others — has declared the December release of the band’s latest LP, Hymns For The Broken, Swollen And Silent.  

Last month, Swedish blues rock collective CAPTAIN CRIMSON released their delightfully riff-laden Remind full-length via Small Stone. A genuine testament to the timeless power of groove and of memorable choruses that take you back to when you felt such things deep in your soul, CAPTAIN CRIMSON manifest the kind of rock and roll that speaks to the essence of the form. In commemoration of its release, Decibel is pleased to bring fans the visual companion to Remind; the super boogie, road rager “Love Street“.  

Relapse Records is proud to announce the signing of Northwest Indiana trio, CLOAKROOM. Formed in 2012, CLOAKROOM play an amalgam of psychedelia, stoner rock, shoegaze and moody, pop-influenced, sonic abrasion.  

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