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Louisiana Stoner Metallers BOUDAIN have the exclusive premiere of new song, “Sleazy Feats“.  

2016 has been pretty steady so far, but it is without a doubt filled to the brim with hyped releases. Such is the spot Brooklyn’s Tombs have fallen into: 2011’s Path of Totality netted them Decibel Magazine’s Album of the Year award, and 2014’s Savage Gold continued their trend of greatness.  

Baltimore-based Grimoire Records is preparing the upcoming third album by West Virginia stoner/noise metal trio, RHIN, for release in April, with the diverse and damaging Passenger.  

ERRA have shared a new song, “Orchid”, ( from the Birmingham, Ala. based band’s forthcoming album, Drift (April 8, Sumerian Records).  

Minneapolis Progressive Metal band GRACEPOINT are pleased to announce the exclusive advance stream of new album Echoes, courtesy of New Noise Magazine.  

Baltimore, Maryland-based sludge/grind assassins MUSKET HAWK will spew forth their sophomore full-length, Desolate, later this Spring via Unholy Anarchy Records.  

In less than three weeks, Brooklyn, New York-based psychedelic retro rock trio THE GOLDEN GRASS will undrape their Coming Back Again full-length. Captured by Jeff Berner at Galuminum Foil Productions and slated for release next month via Listenable Records, Coming Back Again delivers a truly serpentine audio journey where the epic glory and might of ’70s psychedelia, the sun-drenched warmth of Laurel Canyon’s golden country/folk era and sheer blues-based Southern rock boogie give way to exploratory landscapes, lysergic prog arrangements and a swinging, jazz touch.  

Madison, WI Death Metallers CASKET ROBBERY have released two play-through videos for Evolution of Evil tracks “Pray for Death” and “Asylum“.  

Immitation may be the finest form of flattery, but actually being able to build off of your influences is another thing entirely. Such is the story of Vibrion, who wear their death metal influences proudly, but are carving their own path entirely. Their first album in years, Bacterya shows everyone how to put out solid, old school  death metal in 2016.  

Bands always experience drama: people quit, tours go wrong, and including new people in the band can always be problematic. After losing two members in 2014, Lord Mantis are regaining their footing and delivering a follow-up EP to one of the most critically acclaimed albums of 2014, and with a NSFW album cover, too.  

After successfully kick-starting the MCU’s arrival on Netflix last year, Daredevil is back with another season less than a year later. The Punisher and Elektra join the Devil in Hell’s Kitchen as New York is faced with a new threat that pushes the series further onto the dark, violent streets of the city. Any doubts to be had are quickly swept away as the series sets a new standard for itself and all other comic book properties.  

The Melvins, who have a history of imaginative line-up changes, feature not one, but six different bass players on their appropriately titled new album, Basses Loaded (June 3, Ipecac Recordings).  

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