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The Big Kahuna Movies, News Comments Off on Is The Candyman real? Find Out in “Killer Legends”

The chilling documentary Killer Legends will be available on DVD nationwide July 15, 2014. Killer Legends follows filmmakers Joshua Zeman and Rachel Mills as they investigate four timeless legends that continue to haunt the American public. Directed by Joshua Zeman, the documentary examines the urban legends of The Candyman, The Killer Clown, The Baby-Sitter and the Man Upstairs, and The Hookman. The DVD release (SRP $19.99) will also include seven special features on the urban legends.  

The Big Kahuna Comic Book News, Movies, News Comments Off on New Guardians Of The Galaxy UK trailer reveals…

As the days get closer for the release of Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy, international trailers reveal a bit more on images of characters than we have seen in the past. Check out this UK trailer… the Nova Corp in full uniform, and we hear Rocket Raccoon talk some more. Guardians Of The Galaxy hits theaters August 1st 2014.  

The Big Kahuna Comic Book News, Movies, News Comments Off on Skottie Young Goes Cosmic in ROCKET RACCOON #1!

This July, blast off with the smallest Guardian of the Galaxy (packing the biggest gun) in ROCKET RACCOON #1 – written and drawn by Eisner-award winning storyteller Skottie Young! Today, Marvel is proud to present your new look at this highly anticipated ongoing series launching ahead of one of the biggest movies of the Summer!  

The Big Kahuna Comic Book News, Movies, News Comments Off on Avengers S.T.AT.I.ON. invades NYC Times Square

With all things Marvel touches turning to gold, it was only a matter of time someone came up with some kind of exhibit for the “Center Of The Universe” New York”s own Times Square. Well, look no further. Welcome to Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N.  

The Big Kahuna Hard Music, Movies, News Comments Off on Anthrax Announces “Chile On Hell” Live DVD

Wednesday, May 28, 2014 – Get ready to mosh in the privacy of your own home, because multiple Grammy-nominated, Platinum-selling thrash masters  

  With the recent release of X-Men: Days of Future Past looking like a home run for the “X – Franchise”, many are wondering where the franchise will now be heading. And with the timeline changed, how do the events in DOFP affect the first three X films?  

The Big Kahuna Comic Book News, Movies, News Comments Off on Need more Godzilla…Here comes more Godzilla!

This summer, the fire-breathing goliath, Godzilla faces a ravaged earth in the brand new mini-series Godzilla: Cataclysm! Like the previous critically acclaimed Godzilla mini-series, Godzilla: The Half-Century War, this new five-issue series explores a self-contained journey of epic proportions!  

The Big Kahuna Comic Book News, Movies Comments Off on Guardians Of The Galaxy second trailer released

The very much anticipated second trailer for Guardians Of The Galaxy hit the internets and it’s a doozy! Check it out below. Guardians Of The Galaxy stars Chris Pratt, Zoey Saldana, and Glen Close…opens this August.  

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Scream Park is a retro slasher horror flick in the Hatchet vein starring Hellraiser’s Doug Bradley and co-starring Nivek Ogre from the band Skinny Puppy.  

The Big Kahuna Comic Book News, Movies Comments Off on Official trailer: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turltes

Check out the first official trailer from the up coming movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turltes.  

The Big Kahuna Comic Book News, Movies, News Comments Off on IDW to release “Countdown To 24” Comic Book

24” fans, rejoice! Jack Bauer is returning with more edge-of-your-seat suspense in the new television event series 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY, premiering May 5 on FOX. Ahead of the debut, IDW and Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products have partnered to launch an all-new comic book series that follows the perilous exploits of Bauer, picking up where the final season of the hit television show left off. The thrilling new series from IDW debuts in April 2014, and will offer an expansive look at the events leading straight into 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY.  

The Big Kahuna Books, Movies, News, Reviews Comments Off on The Greatest Movies You’ll Never See…no really!

In the mid to late Nineties, a young, brash director was approached by a major studio to direct a re imagined version of an uber popular character that was recently maligned and exhausted as a movie franchise. This new version was going to be a radical departure of what anyone had ever seen and the director was on board with the changes. The Director?  

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