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IDW Publishing is proud to launch G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero – Silent Option, a four-part miniseries that spotlights the breakout character of their “Dawn of the Arashikage” story arc: Dawn Moreno, the all-new Snake Eyes! The first monthly issue is slated for release this coming September.  

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American Power Trio PRONG has announced the continuation of their ZERO DAYS TOUR with several dates across Germany and into The Netherlands.  

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The Metal community has been rocked by the news of the passing of legendary drummer Vinnie Paul. Mr. Paul was a founding member of Pantera, Damageplan and his currentl band, Hellyeah.  

It was about one minute and thirty-eight seconds into this Oubliette album that I said “Oh boy.” Not in the condescending tone of “I can’t believe I’m gonna sit through this thing,” but rather “I’m gonna enjoy the hell out of this.” There’s something about the cutaway from melodic black metal to Alcest-like dreamscape guitars that says a lot about a band in the opening moments of their sophomore album, and it’s a hopeful plea that this intro isn’t all flash while the rest of the album is uninspired.  

Batman must face the strangest adventure of his career as he meets the most bizarre hero in comics: The Maxx! IDW Publishing and DC proudly welcome legendary artist Sam Kieth (The Sandman, Wolverine) back to his first Maxx story in over a decade, teaming his greatest creation with the Dark Knight for a mind-blowing five-issue miniseries event. The first issue of Batman / The Maxx: Arkham Dreams will debut this September with covers by Sam Kieth and Jim Lee.  

Image/Skybound Entertainment is pleased to announce that this year’s WALKING DEAD DAY, on October 13th, in celebration of the series’ 15th anniversary, will feature collectible blind bag editions of milestone issues from Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard’s THE WALKING DEAD.  

Dynamite has partnered with Troma Entertainment, the original media disruptor and longest-lasting independent film company, to deliver an art book not for the faint of heart hitting shelves in September!    

We don’t hear much metal from the Eastern European countries all that often. Coming out of Turkey, Burial Invocation is one of the rare instances where we do hear something. And guess what? It’s death metal. Tried and true, shredding death metal, it just goes to show that even in the most extreme of metal genres, we can get over the hurdle of language barriers with blast beats and tremolo picking.  

Dynamite Entertainment is set to deliver the latest in epic crossover events with Vampirella/DejahThoris!The pulp tale that was destined to happen was created by Erik Burnham (Ghostbusters, KISS: The Demon) and Ediano Silva (Pathfinder: Runescars, Killer Instinct) is headed to stands this September!  

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Multi Platinum punk band, Rise Against and highly lauded photographer/filmmaker, Rob Fenn have released “Whereabouts Unknown” – a 272 page, 12″ x 9” hard cover photo book capturing the raw energy of Rise Against and their worldwide fanbase.  

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Stockholm, Sweden’s rock quintet LIKE TORCHES have greatly evolved since the release of 2013’s Keep Your Head High. The band can be best described as “alternative, driving, infectious, modern, pop-punk inspired, testosterone fueled yet melodically uplifting rock for 2018.”  

Anime NYC powered by Crunchyroll today announced legendary voice actor Toru Furuya will make his first appearance in New York City at Anime NYC 2018. Anime NYC is New York’s largest anime, manga, and Japanese pop culture convention, and this year’s event takes place November 16-18 in the Javits Center in Midtown Manhattan and will welcome over 30,000 fans. Mr. Furuya is Anime NYC 2018’s inaugural Japanese guest announcement, and he joins prominent American voice actors including Max Mittelman, Ray Chase, and Robbie Daymond.  

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