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The split 7″ EP from Sierra Vista, Arizona-based FUZZ EVIL and Southern California’s CHIEFS is out today via Battleground Records, and its fuzzed up!  

This November, launching directly out of Spider-Verse comes a brand-new ongoing series starring the original Spider-Woman! Today, Marvel is pleased to present your first look at SPIDER-WOMAN #1, the new ongoing series from the critically acclaimed creative team of Dennis Hopeless and Greg Land!  

Seems everything old is new again. Marvel continues to release images and titles from past epic storylines from the Marel Universe. We are all waiting and seeing what event will be bringing all these retro events to 2015!  

Ok, because of incredibly weird choices by our web platform, the actual title of this album is Primus & the Chocolate Factory with the Fungi Ensemble, by Primus. Primus has always been known for eclectic choices in music, such as the usage of xylophones and a song about a mean ass bull called Bodacious, but they pull it off due to them being absolute musical Titans. Les Claypool alone has enough talent to start his own industry. The man was supposedly passed over by Metallica for being TOO GOOD. And he is so very good. This album is even further testament to his particularly beautiful madness, as its a reimagining of that wonderfully dark and fun movie, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory!  

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Richmond, Virginia’s IRON REAGAN will kicked off their North American tour last night in Brooklyn, NY. The band is touring in support of their Relapse Records debut The Tyranny of Will that is out now. The tour, which includes headline shows, dates alongside Eyehategod and Powertrip as well as a festival appearance at Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, TX runs through November 21st culminating in a huge hometown show in Richmond, VA.  

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Dutch necromantic Death Metallers AntropomorphiA are ready to unleash their new videoclip “Nekrovaginal Secretions” next week!  

Writer Matt Hawkins (THINK TANK) pens a new Top Cow IX Utopia—built on a history of genocide and featuring haunting artwork by Stjepan Sejic—in IXTH GENERATION, coming this January.  

Pennsylvania hardcore quartet, CDC, is currently embarked on latest load of international live excursions, touring Europe in advance of their next release, End. Having already pummeled Iceland, Germany, Poland and Latvia this week, CDC lights up the stage in Tallinn, Estonia this evening, with shows in Poland, Germany, Holland, the UK, France, Luxembourg and Belgium lined up between now and November 2nd.  

This Will Decay, the new album from Miami-based black/death metal horde INFERION, has been released today on Horror Pain Gore Death Productions in digital and CD format.  

AW YEAH! ITTY BITTY MASK! The Mask is back, and it’s Herman Shazbert’s turn! When the mild-mannered zookeeper buys his wife a strange mask, the whole family wants to try it on! But watch out, Grandma Shazbert—it will put quite the pep in your step!  

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Death metal legends MALEVOLENT CREATION have signed a worldwide deal with Century Media Records! Currently working on their upcoming 12th full-length, the band will unleash this new album in 2015 and tour the world in support of it.  

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Following a successful first leg of their North American tour NASHVILLE PUSSY have announced a second leg of their North American tour in support of their their latest studio album Up The Dosage. The album was released this past January via SPV/Steamhammer. The album can be purchased on Amazon and iTunes.  

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Cannibal Corpse recently completed their tour of Russia, a place they have played previously played many times with no issues. Unfortunately, as many Russian fans are already aware, this tour did not go as planned. Cannibal Corpse has released a statement, which can be read below.  

Adventure is Kate Kristopher’s heritage. For generations, Kristophers have faced danger and laughed their heads off. But after her father’s death, Kate leaves it behind. She wants a regular life, and in SHUTTER VOLUME 1: WANDERLOST, she thinks she has it. However, if a Kristopher won’t go find adventure, it will find her.  


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