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I don’t really get Thrice. I’m speaking of their versatility, that is. The band has proven time and time again that they cannot be pigeon-holed into a genre, and while their core sound is distinguishable, it’s their experimentation and risks that truly stand out. So what don’t I get? It’s simple, really: how does the band continue to impress so seemingly effortlessly?  

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Nothing More celebrate massive success at radio today with “Go To War” taking the top spot at Active Rock and becoming the #1 Rock Song in the USA!  

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DESPYRE joins BOBAFLEX on a tour of the East Coast this November and December.  

The Weapon X program has done it, at the cost of their own destruction: they’ve completed their biggest and most dangerous experiment yet, a hybrid of Hulk and Wolverine DNA known as WEAPON H. Now, he’s ready to take on the world – and he means business.  

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Baroness release the final two picture discs in their four-part Purple picture disc series with Try To Disappear and Morningstar arriving Dec. 12 via the band’s webstore ( 2FeDuNF6C75rlqfGIZTC80nWiKR7-2FfsBiY1KvhkQfTdrSe4EpPT5QaSdY67Mciy_gCb8QdGERkneiP8DH8zGy6X2WmcFZKNTUuI7DipmSBukGiel68oNqIxwd6N6FnuuTUkK36edBU7FdXSggiLKXRDCUAiMziFisTxTHtKNfw5-2FTZrLT45xa9lRwkcL-2Ba5ve81GTORSzmquDRlPf7jyNa0k4t1FQVPvS-2FVSKnLliLxSEElI1JpmqGxkb1SjR7MBjOL1B04ez7Viho-2FlYR3MZFKsfwRMgBElhFTzdOxmMU95UJ2HuddFmR5yv8QZaa33gUB5i3Czsi-2F9sSs99s6vaCTuBJ6YbB0QaCUdeuqRII9x5-2FQcTdORVOXOTjqq73SfnDCjTqy8gQLLTtPsznxRZARSPnk3TSq-2FVYUG5416lzAFAtxlOTh98gXEWwTl6OL3OC01FjR-2BTzJRXdF9Dja72HlJwtz0mF8TSmkOFq6fGNtELZI-2BUK4BpEhz1H1yF01r4GHAFhJx8vJ5rxscWboueg-3D-3D”... 

In the year 956 AD an unlikely group of Viking warriors in northern Europe face an even more unlikely adversary in the form of… Aliens! The debut graphic novel from Australian author Josh Vann and Italian illustrator Simone D’Armini, The Spider King, introduces a vicious and violent world of survival to an extra terrestrial threat unlike any mankind has faced before.  

Once, he was a man out of time…and now he’s about to re-live that moment all over again. Following the shocking ending of CAPTAIN AMERICA #697, Steve Rogers is back on ice in CAPTAIN AMERICA #698, and it’s a brave new (and cold) world. Now, it’s up to the super soldier to assemble a new group of Howling Commandos to help him battle for this freedom.  

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Alamo Drafthouse’s American Genre Film Archive, the largest non-profit genre film archive in the world, and Something Weird are excited to announce an November 21st release of THE VIOLENT YEARS on Blu-ray.  

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Iconic King’s X guitarist Ty Tabor will release his all new solo effort, Alien Beans, on January 12, 2018 via Rat Pak Records. Alien Beans is a double-disc album that features 10 all new studio tracks and a “best of” compilation disc. The “best of” disc is comprised of 11 re-mixed and re-mastered tracks personally selected by Tabor from his previous releases.  

Image Comics is pleased to announce that the first issue of COYOTES, the new dark fantasy series from Sean Lewis (THE FEW, SAINTS) and Caitlin Yarsky, is being rushed back to print to keep up with customer demand.  

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ARKAIK will kick off a near month-long US tour supporting the gore metal miscreants in Exhumed tonight. The journey will commence in San Diego, California and run through December 8th in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. See all confirmed dates below. ARKAIK will be touring in support of their Nemethia full-length, out now and streaming via Unique Leader. Their most ambitious studio album to date was produced, engineered, and mixed by Zack Ohren (Immolation, Fallujah, Suffocation, Decrepit Birth et al.) at Sharkbite Studios in Oakland, California, and features guest appearances by Joe Haley of Psycroptic, Arde Ostowari formerly of Burning The Masses, Stephen Paulson of the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, and former ARKAIK... 

He’s a staple of the Marvel Universe, and this February, Peter Parker’s legacy will be honored with a milestone issue in PETER PARKER: THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #300!  

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