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Hot the heels of recently released The Existential Codex, London’s MONSTERWORKS hit the studio this week to record the follow-up. The band is tracking at Rockfield Studios in Wales. Guitarist/vocalist Jon offered this studio update, after the jump!  

Often in the media, stigma will generalize a certain group, weather race, gender, sexual orientation, and even age. We live in the era where Hollywood demands the imagery of “the perfect person.” Even if that person is deemed a villain, homeless, a wandering vagabond, or whichever flawed characteristic trait stems from us humans is made into perfection. After all John Rambo was a homeless drifter, but never seemed to look filthy, and still had a a well trimmed body for a man who could not afford to eat. All the while, Bill Bixby’s Dr. Banner was a hitchhiker who always seemed well groomed and never ran out of cloths. The point , why must the imperfect still be made with a measure of perfection? In this case,... 

Ben and Ray Lai, the founders of Horizon Comics and the comic “Radix,” filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Marvel saying the superhero suit worn by Iron Man illegally copies their work.  

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Symphonic Metal Masters KAMELOT have returned after two years of touring the globe and twelve months of intense writing and recording. The new album titled Havenwill make KAMELOT history as it will be released worldwide (excl. Asia) on Napalm Records/Universal and Napalm Records/ADA/Warner as an exclusive licensing deal through the band’s KAMELOT MUSIC LLC on May 4, 2015(North America) andMay 8, 2015(Europe and rest of the world) and will showcase KAMELOT at their finest!  Pre-order bundles are available at theNapalm Records Webstoreand the digital pre-orders are availableHEREandHERE.Today the breathtaking official music video for the track “Insomnia“ has been unveiled!  The video is being exclusively... 

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Following the premature demise of The Oath, Johanna Sadonis formed LUCIFER. Whilst The Oath was a much-celebrated band, she wasted no time in creating a new beast to go beyond previous limitations. That beast is LUCIFERand this is their stunning debut album titled Lucifer I.  

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RAVEN are that rare thing in music, true originals – cut these guys with a razor and they will bleed true heavy metal – a more intense live band does not exist on this planet!  

As the Secret Wars begin, the Ultimate Universe reaches its end! This May, experience it’s heartbreaking curtain call in ULTIMATE END #1! Blockbuster creators Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley – the creative team that helped start it all – will end it with one last, epic story! Miles Morales and the rest of the heroes of the Ultimate Universe face their final extinction. Judgement Day is here and the end is nigh. Yet as they come to terms with the end of all they’ve ever known and all they hold dear – will their gut-wrenching sacrifices make any difference? Is there any hope for the Ultimate Universe or it’s beloved heroes? Find out this May, as an entire universe experiences its final moments in ULTIMATE... 

Occult death doom ensemble, WOODEN STAKE, rises from their moldy tomb armed with their long-awaited second long player, A Feast Of Virgin Souls. Out now on Razorback Records, the ten-track offering boasts over forty demonic minutes of dark, NWOBHM-infused tracks of lurching brutality led by the possessed banshee vocals of vocalist/bassist Vanessa Nocera.  

What happens when the founding member of one of New York City’s drunkest punk bands decides to hang up his six pack and go sober? Well, feast your eyes and ears on this crushing new 5 song EP and 32 page full color comic book, dual release behemoth, and find out!Now armed with a lead guitar player, the songs that are nothing less than hook drenched, anthemic howls of redemption, bash sonic barriers previously unimagined by these blokes from Brooklyn.And while you’re putting the pieces of your blown brain back into your head, crack open the comic and gaze upon the tumultuous tale of what it was like for the band’s fretful leader to tour across the U.S., a mere 90 days into his recovery from a life... 

The legendary artist Herb Trimpe recently passed away at the age of 75. I use the word Legendary, because Trimpe may not have had many accolades as a comic book artist, but the one true iconic work he is remembered for is one of the most titanic issues in comic book lore ever released….Hulk 181, the first official appearance of The Wolverine!  

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Celebrating their 30th year of existence, Brazil’s most esteemed metal band SEPULTURA will be headlining a Metal Injection-sponsored tour that includes German thrashers DESTRUCTION as direct support and American melodic tech-deathsters ARSIS as openers. We can already sense the frenzy in mosh pits across the U.S. and Canada, too.  

Dynamite Entertainment is proud to announce the July release of Vampirella / Army of Darkness #1, the first issue in a four-issue miniseries that sets Ash Williams, the hard-luck hero of the Army of Darkness franchise, against the classic horror hostess-turned-heroine Vampirella, for the first time in comic history. Written by Mark Rahner and featuring artwork by Jethro Morales, the first issue will be offered with multiple collectible covers by industry heavyweights Tim Seeley and Jae Lee, plus a “Cute” variant by Tony Fleecs exclusively available to subscription customers.  

GRUESOME is a debilitating death metal faction featuring members of Exhumed, Possessed, Malevolent Creation, and Derketa. Their debut, Savage Land, has dropped and is currently chewing through listeners as we speak!  

Philadelphia-based stoner/doom band, WIZARD EYE, recently announced its partnership with emerging Philadelphia-area label, Black Monk Records, for the release of its upcoming self-titled album.  


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