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Failure, who recently announced the release of their fourth album, The Heart Is A Monster (June 30, IN residence), share the cover art and track list for the 18-song album.  

Hot the heels of recently released The Existential Codex, London’s MONSTERWORKS hit the studio this week to record the follow-up. The band is tracking at Rockfield Studios in Wales. Guitarist/vocalist Jon offered this studio update, after the jump!  

Occult death doom ensemble, WOODEN STAKE, rises from their moldy tomb armed with their long-awaited second long player, A Feast Of Virgin Souls. Out now on Razorback Records, the ten-track offering boasts over forty demonic minutes of dark, NWOBHM-infused tracks of lurching brutality led by the possessed banshee vocals of vocalist/bassist Vanessa Nocera.  

GRUESOME is a debilitating death metal faction featuring members of Exhumed, Possessed, Malevolent Creation, and Derketa. Their debut, Savage Land, has dropped and is currently chewing through listeners as we speak!  

The Other Side of Darkness from Salt Lake City Thrashers DEATHBLOW is out today, and streaming in its complete glory!  

Dark Clouds and Clarity, the new EP from Midwestern melodic metal/hard rock act ENTROPY O.A.C., is out today on Pavement Entertainment. Modern, catchy, and solid as a rock!  

Minneapolis, Minnesota’s scathing grind trio, AMBASSADOR GUN, has just released two brand new tracks today, well ahead of the street date for the band’s third full-length album, Tomb Of Broken Sleep.  

Belgian label TANQUAM AEGRI SOMNIA is now officially a sub-label of KAOTOXIN, bringing more impressive, dark, intense and heavy artists to the kaosphere, including CULT OF ERINYES, MERDA MUNDI, YHDARL, and ZIFIR. KAOTOXIN will be the exclusive worldwide distributor for TANQUAM AEGRI SOMNIA, and will also be in charge of the new sub-label’s marketing and promotion.  

Philadelphia’s frenzied trio known as DIE CHOKING, has completed the arduous recording sessions of the band’s debut LP, which will see release later this year.  

2K and Turtle Rock Studios released a new video feature for Evolve, the 4v1 shooter featuring four Hunters cooperatively fighting to take down a single-player controlled monster. In Behemoth Plays Behemoth, bassist and backing vocalist Orion from Metal Blade Records recording artist Behemoth, is joined by George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher, lead vocalist for Metal Blade’s Cannibal Corpse, as they visit 2K Headquarters for an exclusive look at Evolve’s newest and largest playable monster character.  

U.S. Black Metallers NIHILISTINEN BARBAARISUUS have released The Child Must Die on Infernal Kommando Records.  

Japanese extreme metal/noise icons, SIGH, will unveil their crushing tenth studio opus next month. Titled Graveward, the eclectic, ten-track offering took over two-and-a-half years to complete with each song comprising over one-hundred recording tracks exceeding 100GB of audio to select from in the final mixes. Inspired by musician/composer Fabio Frizzi, Graveward pays homage to Italian zombie and Hammer Horror classics.  

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