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Papa Roach is back! With a new album titled F.E.A.R. (Face Everything and Rise) which is scheduled to be released on January 27th, 2015. Metal Machine got the chance to discuss the new album with guitarist Jerry Horton, along with the past history of the band. Although the album marks 22 years of Papa Roach, Horton insists the band views it more as “acknowledging 15 years of Infest.” With the album being a celebration of the success Papa Roach has found in the last 15 years, we wanted to take a road down memory lane with Jerry.

By Mayra Ramales

Q: Do you remember what it was like to finally get signed and release an album under a record label?

Jerry: Yeah, we all quit our day jobs, threw a party and we got to record in a really nice studio. It was all a bit overwhelming at first but we were living our dream.

Q: I think we can say “Last Resort” was the song that catapulted you guys to fame, how do you feel about the song now?”

Jerry: I like playing it just because the crowd loves to hear it every time, it gets everyone going crazy when they hear the intro to it. I think if the reactions weren’t as huge, then I’d be really tired of playing it, but, I really just love seeing the reaction on peoples faces.

Q: “Scars” is another one of the bands greatest hits, what would you say the song means to the band?

Jerry: Well I know that the lyrics come from an experience that Jacoby had with an old acquaintance of his who was sort of trying to drag Jacoby down and you know the music is the part where I was involved in. It was different from anything we had done before and I wasn’t very sure about it, I kind of wasn’t sure that it should be a Papa Roach song because it was a lot more poppy than the other stuff we did. But the guys started it and continued it so that we’d at least see what we’d get. There was a lot of uncertainty about the song but it’s cool that it came together the way it did.

Q: Over the past 22 years, the band has experimented with many different sounds ranging from Nu-Metal to Ballads. What would you say is your personal favorite?

Jerry: I think I can probably speak for everybody in the band and say that our favorite is the latest thing we’ve done. The new record is my favorite.

Q: What is the sound on the new record?

Jerry: It’s similar to the last record except the sound and the tone of quality is very heavy and in your face. The sound is still diverse but you know the heavy stuff is just pounding.

Q: The album is titled “Face Everything and Rise”, what is the meaning behind the title?

Jerry: Well it basically takes a negative and turns it into a positive, because fear is a very debilitating thing to a lot of people. It stops people from achieving their goals and their dreams and you know, it’s sort of a call to action for people, if they’re afraid of something, to face it and rise. Get over it and your life will be better.

Q: What would you say is your favorite track off of the new album?

Jerry: I would probably say it’s “Gravity”, just because it’s not typical of the heavy groove stuff that we do, and it’s just a different side of the band. It’s also got Maria from In This Moment singing the duet part and it’s very, very cool what she did.

Q: How was it collaborating with Maria?

Jerry: It was great! They came into the studio where we were recording to work with Kevin Churko, our producer. We had talked about having her sing it because we knew they were coming in and she had the melodies written already, and she came in and wrote the bridge. I think she was the perfect counter part for Jacoby’s vocal as well.

Q: This album will mark 22 years since Papa Roach began, does that add any new meaning to the album?

Jerry: Well we’re not focusing on 22 years of Papa Roach, we’re acknowledging the 15th anniversary of Infest. But mostly we’re excited about the new record.

Q: Do you guys know what the next single will be?

Jerry: In the U.S. the next single will be “Gravity.”

Q: Are you guys excited to team up on tour with Seether next year in support of the new album?

Jerry: Yeah! We’re good friend with those guys. We’ve done a little bit of touring with them a few years ago and we heard that they were available and thought it would be a great tour to debut the record. We also thought it was a great mix of music for a show, so we’re stoked!

Q: Where are you guys touring?

Jerry: Everywhere. But we’re hoping to get to some new places like Thailand, Indonesia, hopefully China, Turkey, Croatia. You know, just trying to expand to new territories. But other than that, South America, Australia, Europe and North America.

Q: What’s next for Papa Roach after touring?

Jerry: We’ll probably be out for a good 18 months, so our focus is touring right now. We’ll probably write a little bit on the road but generally when the tour is done, we’ll start talking about the next record.

Jerry continued to say how excited the band is for fans to hear the new record and their eagerness to play it for everybody.

To find out if Papa Roach is playing in your town, check out the bands event page below:


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