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The Big Kahuna Animation, Anime, Comic Book News, News Comments Off on IDW’s SONIC THE HEDGEHOG Comic Book Saga Expands…

As the wildly popular Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series approaches its milestone fiftieth issue, IDW announces today the upcoming November debut of Sonic The Hedgehog: Imposter Syndrome, a four-issue tie-in miniseries pitting the Blue Blur against a duo of doppelgangers!  

The Big Kahuna Comic Book News, News Comments Off on STAR WARS: CRIMSON REIGN…Limited Series Coming….

This December, writer Charles Soule and artist Steven Cummings will team up for a saga that will have major repercussions on the Star Wars galaxy in STAR WARS: CRIMSON REIGN. Announced last month, this five-issue limited series will be the second installment in the trilogy that began in this year’s WAR OF THE BOUNTY HUNTERS crossover. The series promises to shed even more light on the untold history of the Star Wars galaxy during the Age of Rebellion and will feature the return of beloved characters, shocking twists, epic feats of the Force and a story that will reach from Star Wars’ darkest underworld all the way to the Imperial Palace on Coruscant.  

The Big Kahuna Comic Book News, Music Video, News, Streaming Comments Off on EDDIE VEDDER UNVEILS NEW SOLO SINGLE “LONG WAY”

Today, Eddie Vedder releases a brand-new solo single entitled “Long Way” via Seattle Surf/Republic Records. The song is the first song off Vedder’s forthcoming solo album Earthling.  

The Big Kahuna Comic Book News, News Comments Off on Inferno #4 Brings Jonathan Hickman’s X-MEN Run to End

This December, Jonathan Hickman’s transformative work on the  

The Big Kahuna Comic Book News, News Comments Off on GEIGER Story Arc Ending Shocks Fans, Sells Out Instantly

Bestselling series Geiger—by writer Geoff Johns and artist Gary Frank with colorist Brad Anderson—sold out instantly at the distributor level yesterday and is being rushed back to print in order to keep up with customer demand. This Geiger #6 reprint will feature new cover art by Frank.  

The Big Kahuna Comic Book News, News Comments Off on The Last Of The MARVELS Sees The Return of The First

“The Last of the Marvels,” the highly anticipated arc in writer Kelly Thompson’s hit run on CAPTAIN MARVEL, kicks off next month when a mysterious villain begins to target the very legacy of the Captain Marvel mantle. The saga will feature Carol Danvers teaming up with other former Captain Marvels and Captain Marvel-inspired heroes including Genis-Vell, Kamala Khan, and perhaps even Mar-Vell himself!  

The Big Kahuna Comic Book News, News Comments Off on Eddie and Dylan Brock Pushed to Their Limits in Venom Series!

Following Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman’s transformative work on VENOM, a new superstar creative team will take the reins starting next month. Teaming up with artist Bryan Hitch, mastermind writers Ram V and Al Ewing are set to take the symbiote mythos to the next level with thrilling new developments for father son pair Eddie and Dylan Brock. Each writer will lend their talents to a different character with Ewing taking us beyond the stars with Eddie in his new role as the “King in Black,” and Ram V bringing us back to earth penning Dylan’s beginnings as a super hero. Together, the two writer’s sagas will intertwine and impact one another to create a singular and epic new vision.  

The Big Kahuna Comic Book News, News Comments Off on JOHN LEGUIZAMO And TODD MCFARLANE Team Up

The highly anticipated creation, PhenomX is heading to comic shops this November from acclaimed actor, John Leguizamo. The first issue is an extra-length comic featuring cover art by Spawn creator Todd McFarlane.  

The Big Kahuna Comic Book News, News Comments Off on ORDINARY GODS Adds Famed JOE CLARK AS Co-Writer

Issue three of the hot new series Ordinary Gods by Kyle Higgins and Felipe Watanabe will feature an exciting 1:25 incentive copy variant by Doaly and welcome a new member to the creative team in Joe Clark.  

The Big Kahuna Comic Book News, News Comments Off on NEW ETERNALS #7 COMIC BOOK VARIANT COVERS

he fascinating mythology behind the Eternals is being explored like never before in the pages of writer Kieron Gillen and artist Esad Ribić’s critically acclaimed comic book run on ETERNALS! And just in time for the upcoming film, the comic book series will kick off a brand-new arc in November’s ETERNALS #7.  

The Big Kahuna Comic Book News, News Comments Off on Marvel to Release HAWKEYE: KATE BISHOP

This November, Kate Bishop’s adventure continues! Marvel’s new miniseries, HAWKEYE: KATE BISHOP is a five-part series that follows Kate on a new adventure in a familiar place: back home to New York.  

The Big Kahuna Comic Book News, News Comments Off on MARVEL’S VOICES: HERITAGE #1

Marvel Comics continues its tradition to uplift and spotlight Indigenous and First Nations creators and characters in MARVEL’S VOICES: HERITAGE #1 this November! The all-new anthology will feature rising and renowned talent from Indigenous communities as they each tell new stories surrounding some of Marvel’s most iconic and beloved characters. Now in its second year, Marvel’s Voices continues to expand and feature the work and lived experiences of Marvel creators and fans, painting the full picture of Marvel’s ever-evolving universe and showcasing how much Marvel truly reflects the world outside our windows.  

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