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When a family moves from the busy city to the relaxing woods of New Hampshire, they’re hoping to find a quiet rural life. Instead, the family discovers a terrifying secret: a twisted and terrifying dungeon on their property with a threatening message: “TELL NO ONE.”

Now, the father will do anything to protect his family. Upon realizing anyone could be behind the depraved dungeon, fear and paranoia begin to take hold as he tries to discover the truth. Who can he trust? And just how far will he go to protect his family from the horrors of the dungeon?

Scott Snyder and Hayden Sherman, the award-winning creators behind DARK SPACES: WILDFIRE, reunite to present DARK SPACES: DUNGEON, a gripping and emotionally-charged thriller that explores some of humanity’s darkest and most captivating fears.

“Getting to explore the worlds of DARK SPACES has been a career highlight without question, and doing so alongside my dear friend and trusted editor Mark Doyle just makes it all the better,” stated Snyder. “The ability to forgo supernatural elements in favor of highlighting the true light and darkness of our reality has been able to take me back to basics in a truly exciting fashion. I’ll say this – if DARK SPACES: WILDFIRE was modeled after noir, then DARK SPACES: DUNGEON is a stone-cold thriller. It might be the darkest story I’ve ever written, while at the same time some of the most fun it’s ever been developing a new series.”

Snyder added that collaborating with Sherman again has allowed the duo to reach a whole new level. “The work Hayden is doing here has taken our creative partnership to new depths, and I cannot wait for you all to explore those with us.”

For Sherman, it’s the themes that Snyder is exploring that really makes an impact. “The fears that Scott is examining in DUNGEON are guttural, stomach churning, and (I have to imagine) entirely universal. It’s a whole different sort of story than WILDFIRE, while maintaining the grounded thriller core that defines much of DARK SPACES.” Snyder’s efforts allowed Sherman to experiment with art, striving to pull readers directly into the horrifying story. “This is the perfect opportunity for me to push in a much different visual direction, something that can do proper justice to this new terror! It’s such a pure joy to be back creating this follow up alongside Scott and the whole IDW Originals team.”

DARK SPACES: DUNGEON is the latest installment in the DARK SPACES line of anthology stories. Curated by Snyder himself, DARK SPACES emphasizes character-driven and grounded psychological thrillers that also shine a spotlight on rising stars in the comic book industry.
DARK SPACES: DUNGEON #1 goes on sale October 11, 2023, featuring primary covers by Sherman, colors by Patricio Delpeche, letters by Andworld Design, and variants by Eisner award-winning artist Dustin Nguyen (American Vampire: Lord of Nightmares), with more variant artists to be revealed soon.

The debut issue is available for pre-order now at a comic shop near you or wherever comics are sold online.

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