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Jeffery Dean Morgan of The Walking Dead has confirmed that a Neagan spin-off of The Walking Dead is in talks of coming to life.

The show’s final season is premiering on August 22nd.

Morgan appeared on the Conan show this last week to talk about the show and had a few interesting thoughts about the show and when it was brought up about Neagan he said “It’s definitely being talked about,” He also said “I think they’re thinking of a couple different ideas, but I’ve definitely had conversations about possibly continuing the story of Negan. You know, we just did the ‘Here’s Negan’ story, which is sort of the prequel [of] how Negan became this guy, and I shot that with my wife which was so cool.”

The Walking Dead as a franchise has been airing for a decade and it’s almost hard to believe that it’s almost over. Fear the Walking Dead has been kind of a disappointment to fans, and there have been mixed reviews of both shows in the later seasons, but a lot of fans have remained loyal to the franchise throughout, and it’s finally coming to a close.

Even though The Walking Dead Franchise will be ending, this won’t be the end. AMC has already announced they will be doing a Daryll Dixon and Carol Peletier spin-off in 2023, an anthology series called “Tales of the Walking Dead”, and a movie based around Rick Grimes coming.

The show has left a massive impact on the world of both comic and noncomic fans and definitely deserves accolades for the imprint it has left for the last ten years.

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