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Let me just start out by saying any time you can get some monsters on a screen fighting each other it’s a good time. We live in a world of great CGI so that just enhances the enjoyment of monsters on screen. I thoroughly enjoyed every second of this film. Was the storyline excellent? No. Was the whole movie still enjoyable? Absolutely.
The movie has a pretty easy plot of “only one Titan can remain on earth and be the best and they will hunt each other until one prevails”. Alexander Skarsgård plays scientist Nathan Lind who is contacted about a theory that there is a place called Hollow Earth where the Titan’s originated from that contains a power source big enough to negate the threat of Godzilla and can also double as a new home for Kong, who is being stalked by Godzilla. There’s also a subplot where Millie Bobbie Brown who plays Maddison Russel is trying to uncover some shady shenanigans going on with Apex Cybernetics. I could have done without most of this storyline. I see why it was important because it eventually leads to the introduction of Mechagodzilla, but it seemed a little convoluted. Maddison Russel’s character seemed to only be in the movie to reassure viewers that Godzilla wasn’t a bad guy. I feel like the evil corporation trope was appropriate here and made sense for the movie and worked well. Watching Walter Simmons and company get theirs was super gratifying.

Let’s talk about the fight scenes. They were phenomenal. The first major scene was Kong chained to the boat with Godzilla attacking and it put Kong at a serious disadvantage, but it ended up being awesome. Kong jumped from ship to ship with Godzilla streaming underneath. Kong went underwater a few times and inevitably the whole fleet had to play dead to stay off Godzilla’s radar and fly Kong away to make sure Godzilla didn’t track them again, but the way they did this scene was super cool. I also love that they made Kong intelligent in this film. They gave him the ability to communicate, which adds a new level to be able to fight because Godzilla only has base instincts.

Hollow Earth was so well done. The graphics were incredible, the creatures inside of it were super well done. Kong finding his axe that was made out of a scale from a Godzilla-like creature was a really interesting nod that I didn’t catch instantly but read up on afterward and it made SO much sense. Apparently, the light-up creature that appears on the floor of Kong’s throne in Hollow Earth is going to be the Titan in the next film if there is a next one, so that’s a little treat for future us.

The final fight scene was really why we went to see this film. It was 30 minutes of all-out Kong and Godzilla action. I don’t think any of us really wanted to see either one of them lose. I know everyone weighed the pros and cons of each of them walking into theaters. How is Kong going to deal with radioactive breath? How is Godzilla going to deal with Kong’s speed? We had so many questions. Adding the Titan axe was a nice touch leveling out the playing field for Kong in this scene, and poor Hong Kong got annihilated in the process. This was an homage to classic monster films. Wrecked city, massive monster coming through tearing down buildings. It was everything we could have ever asked for and more. Kong eventually takes too much of a beating to Godzilla and lays down, then BAM out of nowhere Mechagodzilla enters the ring, and Godzilla and Kong have to fight together. This was everything. Say what you want about the plot of this film, but this ending battle was exactly why you went to see this film and it was perfect. It was highly entertaining, all action, and well-choreographed.

I highly recommend checking this movie out. The plot supported the action, the acting was on par for what you would expect out of a monster movie. It stars a lot of random nerdom favorites, and they do a good job. There are rumors that this might be the last film of the franchise after Godzilla: King of Monsters didn’t bring in the money they were hoping it would, so if this is the last one they’re doing it went out on a high note. In my opinion, this was the best Titan fight movie we’ve seen to date.

You can stream this movie on HBO MAX now.

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