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Spoiler alert: The following post contains plot points from the newest episode of “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.”

This is the buddy cop show we’ve been waiting for.

Except they’re not really cops. Also, we’re tackling some serious themes here involving classism, racism, and mental health. It might not be the buddy cop show we were expecting, but it’s the buddy cop show we need.

I’m loving every second of this show so far. In episode one, the first ten minutes were action-packed. Episode two was not lacking in a blowout truck jumping action scene that had Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes jumping from the top of one box truck to the next while Anthony Mackie playing Falcon is weaving around overhead. It’s pretty well established within two episodes at this point that the Flag Smashers are going to be the villains of this series and we got to know them a little more in-depth this episode, especially their leader, Karli Morgenthau played by Erin Kellyman. We discovered that they were some sort of Super Soldier, but the extent of which, we aren’t too sure about yet. These villains are going to be very relatable to a lot of people in this era. They’re trying to help the people who never left when the blip happened who the government and world turned their back on. I’ve always said that a great villain is a villain that truly believes in their cause, and this seems to be a storyline where the villains truly feel like they’re fighting for what’s right. That usually leads to complex and excellent storytelling.

In this episode, we learned more about John Walker (Wyatt Russel) as the new Captain America. I feel like this storyline is going to have some serious complexity. Almost as serious as the cold shoulder that Sam and Bucky are giving the new Cap. We learned that John Walker was literally made to be a soldier from birth and excels at every piece of training needed to be one of the elite. So you know, and I know that this is U.S Agent. They’ve made this very clear. If you know anything about U.S Agent you know that he’

s an absolute ZEALOT, however, I’m just not seeing it yet. I wonder how this is going to pan out.


Probably the most impactful part of this episode for me was seeing Isaiah Bradley played by Carl Lumbly. For those of you who aren’t privy to Isaiah Bradley’s comic story, it’s a harrowing and powerful story of racial injustice that was based on the Tuskegee Study. I highly recommend looking into the comic lines as they are a very important reflection on history and how racial injustice exists in this world and is very very real. Watching Sam’s realization that there was a Black Super Soldier in this world that he didn’t know about was heartbreaking and the pain in Isaiah’s eyes as he lashed out at Bucky to get out of his house was incredibly portrayed by Lumbly.



Disney + and Marvel are tackling some HEAVY topics here. They started with grief in WandaVision and they aren’t pulling any punches here with Falcon and Winter Soldier. I’m very excited to see where they’re going with this series.


What was your favorite part of the show so far? Who’s your favorite character? Let us know!

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