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Hot off releasing a new video for single “Dark Electric”, Tigers On Opium are back with another new single from their upcoming EP for Forbidden Place Records.

Listen/Post: “I May Sound Like A Drunk, But I Feel Like A Matador”

Tigers On Opium are a Portland-based stoner rock band formed out of a magical mix of scene veterans jamming and sheer happenstance. From their origins in 2015 ideas germinated for three years as the band crafted the perfect lineup, but since then the band has been hard at it.

They have hence produced a stoner rock sound that hints at a love for psychedelics and hip hop, as well as a passion for literature and philosophy. This has given the band a unique aesthetic of great art that stays classy with a nice touch of grit. It sets them a head and shoulder above their peers and gives them a sound to call their own.

As the band developed, they toured the West Coast and even had a music video featured by 666 Mr Doom in 2018. The following year saw the band reach a whole new level of activity, playing with local headliners including Hippie Death Cult, LaGoon, Head the Hive and Disenchanter. The bands arrival as a mainstay in the local scene was fully achieved. They mixed a new EP with the legendary Adam Pike of Red Fang and then had Ryan Foster master it. Keeping in line with their hard nosed work ethic the band recorded a second EP, meaning they have a pair of releases ready to be dropped this year!
2021 promises to be the bands biggest year yet with new music being offered in installments, a release strategy inspired by hip hop mixtapes. The band is eager to play more shows, engage more deeply in the community and drive towards a bold new stoner rocking future. As Tigers On Opium continue to develop and prove that they deserve their place in Portland’s bubbling stoner rock scene their ambitions only grow bolder. With eyes on the prize, Tigers On Opium seek to win the hearts of heavy rock fans across the globe one show at a time. Look for their “503-420-6669” EP to be released on January 22nd.
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