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Bluefall by Andrew Trainor (Amazon, July 31, 2019) explores the world of virtual reality and its potentially destructive impact on our financial stability. Bluefall is an exciting, fast-paced graphic novel inspired by the works of Ernest Cline, Alan Moore, Neal Stephenson, and Brian K. Vaughn. With beautiful and vivid illustrations by Dillon Snook that jump off the page, Bluefall is a world you won’t want to leave but may be terrified to enter.

It’s 2045 and the creator of the most popular, and populated, online virtual world, Circus, has been murdered. It’s up to LAPD Homicide Detective Julian Ambrose to go inside the virtual “circus” and understand why someone would want the creator dead and who could benefit. Ambrose must discover the intricacies, conspiracies, and secrets hidden deep within the virtual economy of Circus.

One possible motive for murder? The Circus has become a global superpower, its wealth has surpassed the entire economy of Finland and it is poised for world domination.

The upside of the Circus is that’s better than anywhere on earth, a virtual utopia. It feels, smells, and tastes just as real as life on Earth and you can be there in seconds. There is a metropolis that rivals Tokyo, luxury resorts, and adult playgrounds for the rich and elite along with hidden homes for the ultra-rich where anything can happen behind closed doors.

But all this distraction shields the fact that there is a ruthless killer on the loose and its up to Julian Ambrose to stop them before they take control and destroy our very real society.

Visually reminiscent of Blade Runner and the upcoming highly anticipated game, Cyberpunk 2077, Bluefall is a can’t miss for graphic novel and science fiction readers alike.

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