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CarnageI can’t say I’m excited for what Sony has in plan for their Spider-Man properties. The upcoming film starring Venom, planned to be an R-rated movie, may star Tom Hardy, but I’m not sold. To add fire to the flame, Silver & Black is still coming and with it starring a Silver Sable and Black Cat. It remains to be seen how this is going to connect to the MCU, seeing as Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal are both contradicting one another, but Sony are now moving forward with announcing plans for more movies.

In the past 24 hours, it was reported that Carnage is going to be the main antagonist for Venom to face off against. While this has been speculated, expected, and rumored as far back as the first rumblings of a Venom solo film back in 2007, it should be welcome if you enjoy those characters. Carnage goes hand-in-hand with Venom, but it’s still going to be interesting to see Venom without a black Spider-Man suit to lead into him. No casting for Carnage has been announced just yet.

More recently, it was revealed that Sony has even more plans for movies involving villainous Spider-Man characters. Both Kraven and Mysterio are now being talked about for their own spin-offs. It’s worth noting that these films will be “adult” and more mature than the typical Spider-Man film, but it still remains to be announced if these films will actually happen.

Regardless, it sure beats that Aunt May film discussion that was leaked in the Sony emails, that’s for sure.

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