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Todd Haberman, LA’s most sought after composer, is back at it again with another skin crawling score for the upcoming horror film The Charnel House which is set premiere November 4, 2016.

Following his earlier release of ‘Satanc,’ the master horror music maker goes at it again unveiling another bone chilling score.

Haberman is constantly submerged in horror, he’s not working on a new score he reverts to his last one to find more ways to petrify his audiences with terror!

 “I relish the opportunity to go over the music after I think I’m done with it and find new ways to make it creepier and scarier!”

 The film stars Erik LaRay Harvey (Twister), Joe Keery (Stranger Things) and Nadine Velazquez (Flight) and revolves around the lives of an architect and family that renovated a slaughterhouse into a super chic, high tech apartment complex.  After the family moves in, along with multiple other tenants, things start to go horribly wrong. They begin hearing eerie sounds and seeing haunting images of things that aren’t actually there. The cast must work together in order to discover the truth behind secrets kept within the walls of the antique slaughterhouse in order to move on.

When speaking of his work, the composer explains that having having the perfect sounds in a crucial to each scene in a film.

If you see a girl walking down a dark hall you’re not scare because its just a girl in a hall, That’s where I come in,” Haberman says confidently. “Once the music is, the scene changes dramatically…I bring the fear!”

Todd is no newcomer when it comes to composing scores for horror films. He says “I am probably most at ease with a dark thriller.” He has worked on everything from Satanic (2016), to Eagle Eye (2008) to The Hollow (2004) and even the Netflix original series, Hemlock Grove (2015). His scores are always the perfect backdrop to films that fill you with suspense and have you at the edge of our seat waiting to the next creepy monster to jump out at you.

For more information about Todd please visit www.toddhaberman.com

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