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Lord Mantis logoBands always experience drama: people quit, tours go wrong, and including new people in the band can always be problematic. After losing two members in 2014, Lord Mantis are regaining their footing and delivering a follow-up EP to one of the most critically acclaimed albums of 2014, and with a NSFW album cover, too.

Blackened sludge group Lord Mantis just debuted a new song off their upcoming EP. “SIG Safer” is currently up for streaming. The first piece of new music since 2014, “SIG Safer” is the first track to debut with members from the now-defunct sludge-doom outfit Indian.

Vocalist Dylan O’Toole and bassist Will Lindsay are joined by American Heritage guitarist Scott A. Shellhammer in completing in the current Lord Mantis line-up, and it sounds very much like the band in question. Taking a more black metal approach, “SIG Safer” throws in  harsh vocals and sharp editing to recreate sounds that only your nightmares conjure up, and in the most disgusting way possible, too.

Lord Mantis

O’Toole and Lindsay replaces former vocalist and bassist Charlie Fell, who parted ways with the band with Ken Sorceron in 2014. Drama ensured, but Fell and Sorceron took their focus to a new Abigail Williams album The Accuser, of which it was met with high praise. Fell is slated to release a new Cobalt album, a double-disc release entitled Slow Forever, tomorrow on March 25 with Erik Wunder, of which he joined in 2015.

“SIG Safer” is set to be included on NTW, which stands for “Nice Teeth Whore.” on New Destiny. Lord Mantis released Death Mask to universal acclaim in 2014, and was on many Best Of lists at the end of the year. Hopefully NTW will be able to deliver on some of the same capacity.

You can check out the new song over at CvltNation.com, where it is currently streaming.

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