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THeologian albumSome of the most brutal music to date does not belong to death metal, black metal, thrash, grind, or anything near traditional. No, the honor is bestowed upon many of the Black Noise bands coming out, and those that have been around for a minute. Using sounds that seal the listener away, helplessly, into a cocoon of strange sounds, hisses, modulated feedback, and anguished vocal attacks, BN pushes an envelope that can cause supreme anxiety into the listener. One such album, to drop from a sea of writhing sounds, is A Means By Which To Break The Surface Of The Real by Theologian. Here’s a review of this diabolical dance music straight from your parents nightmares!

The first thing you’ll notice is how unyielding this album’s sound is. It is a sonic cliff face descending from the fist of a god who plucked it from the darkest depths to chunk it at you. he absolutely stressful sound that Theologian produce here are amazingly clear. They take sounds and deftly turn them with scalpel and hammer, creating mutations that worm their way into the cortex of your very soul. It’s like getting sandblasted with negative emotions.

The album itself is 4 tracks of nonstop audio degradation:

God Comes as a Wall
Surface of the Real
The Sun Failed To Rise Today
Truthseeker’s Pick

The album is simply machines gaining sentience and trying to kill humans by creating audible black holes comprised of distortion, feedback, waves of bone crushing bass, and doubling earth’s gravity simply by existing. Its a sonic bad trip, and Theologian absolutely has my love for it. The usage of tormented vocals on God Comes as a Wall will scrape the happiness from the insides of your skull, while you sit in thrall of the buzzing that has replaced your blood. There’s is no respite during the play time of this album, and that’s to keep you from escaping. Track 4, The Sun Failed To Rise Today, simple feels like a factory steadfastly assembling our collective doom. It is a robotic orgy of blackened sounds from a factory devoid of humanity. That has purged itself from such weak things as flesh and blood. THere is no soul in Theologian’s sound, for they have purged themselves.

If you want to know what it is to give up yourself, check out A Means by Which to Break the Surface of the Real by Theologian here, for $7. And may whatever you find not be hungry.

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