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“I thought if I was going to direct a movie like this, which I would like to do at some point, I need to have something of a refresher course of how these movies are done…..”

These are the words Ben Affleck told Entertainment Weekly in regards to him ever directing a super-hero movie.

From this fanboy’s perspective, it smells of a future possibility of Ben possibly directing a batman solo film of his own. After directing such thrillers like The Town or a more political thriller like Argo, it is clear the Mr. Affleck is no rookie in bringing quality and substance to cinema. Although his 2003 portrayal of Daredevil was not the most fan accepted like Charlie Cox’s rendition, Ben did state at the time “I didn’t want someone else to do it, because I was afraid that they would go out and do it different from the comic and screw it up.” Regardless of how you feel about this statement, it seems the Affleck takes the super-hero genre seriously. Weather he says it just for the sake of money, or sincerity, it is clear the this man does immerse himself in his roles. With feed back of him playing an older and world weary batman in conjunction with Frank Millers Dark Knight Returns adaptation, it seems that this actor does not take the super-hero genre lightly. I must say Ben Affleck does not appear to be some thespian trying to capitalize within the comic genre, but does seem to approach its themes in regards to artistic work, and cinematic values. So, can Ben Affleck pull of a double hitter in staring as the caped crusader, along with directing it as well? I mean, perhaps writing it as well would not be too surprising as well.

Not too long ago (1990 to be exact), it was Warren Beatty who directed Dick Tracy. Beatty out of sheer love of the character stared in it as well in order to truly harness and capture the spirit of the comic book counterpart. Yes, some actors will take complete creative control in order to do a character justice. After all, Affleck did state in an article regarding his Batman persona “It is more mythic, it is more grand in that way, and it is a little more realistic…..” Weather you feel he is being over dramatic in the sense of a “Nolan” like depiction, rather than the cheesy comic formation, it seems that Ben Affleck is a man who not only wants to take the mantle of The Batman, but also wants to stir this rendition in his own path of interpretation. If any if this remains true, we’ll see whats in store for 2018. I never have been a picky person to begin with. Heck, as long as we don’t get Justin Bieber and Jonah Hill taking over, I’ll gladly sit through shaquille o’neal’s Steel any day before that happens…..

By: Adam Vega

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