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What is it about graphic novels, or comic books in general that differ from other forms of expression? Is it the symbiotic bond between the thoughts being written down along with the detailed art that brings those literary emotions to life? I ponder this question in regards to Comedian/Actor John Leguizamo. A multifaceted entertainer I had the privilege of meeting during this May’s New York Book Con. Known for his one man shows such as Mambo Mouth, Spic-O-Rama, Freak, Sexaholix, and Ghetto Klown, John Leguizamo proved that by being ones self, and formulating ones life into their art form,success is possible.


Recently, Mr. Leguizamo produced a graphic novel based on his recent Ghetto Klown production with art work by Christa Cassano being released for a October 13th date. He indicates at the con that although Ghetto Klown gave the audience a detailed expression of his life, career, and personal philosophies, it is through the graphic novel that more details are added. Although the comic format becomes more trimmed and tuned, subtle take outs are noticed with more emotionality given. Weather we know him as Luigi from Super Mario Brothers, the Spawn Villain know as Clown, Benny Blanco from the Bronx, Tybalt from Romeo and Juliet, or Sid the Sloth, his one man shows derives around family issues, relationships, having children, and basic human camaraderie that is relatable through his Latin upbringing. While explaining that the comic book medium, along with super-hero films are not necessarily his favorite, it is the graphic novel genre that he appreciates by which it harnesses the way one expresses their messages and can situate into another form of artistic value. Maybe the image texture along with ones written context can surpass ones feelings beyond mere show and tell, and into a visualization of imagination. Sure, not everyone is going to connect with an Emmy award winner, who was born in Bogota, Columbia, raised in Queens, New York, and who can play the most believable drag I have ever seen, but what we can take from this is that graphic novels surpass the mere notion that comics are just a negative form of pop-culture derived by psychiatrist Fredric Wertham, but a tool that stretches ones thoughts to further capacity. With Ms.Cassano’s art work being viewed all across Italy and the United States, lets see what this dynamic duo has in store for us this fall!

By: Adam Vega

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