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NY64After all the hubbub of a long day, I love to throw on instrumental albums. No one is going to ask me how the hell I can listen to that noise, or how I can understand that guy yelling at me, or why is he saying FUCK so much?! Instrumental albums and bands allow for an open conversation about metal, and can really help people understand it’s all about a lot more than just defenestrating people or Satan being awesome. Today’s selection is the new S/T album from NY in 64 (or NY64, if you see that), so read further if you’re interested.

Being the maiden voyage for this band, NY64 is a collection of awesome music. The band is formed from members of You and I and East of the Wall, and is completely instrumental. It covers familiar territory, but doesn’t wear on the listener, but calls back a song that one never gets tired of. They play a fluid style of more melodic/progressive music, heavy, but not alienating in it, something that you could easily play for friends and not have them look like you’ve gone insane. It’s like a soundtrack that can cover anything, and would invite multiple listens from people who aren’t metal fans, I feel. The band plays with technical ability, driving a very good bass line throughout the album, with guitars blending sharp riffs with a melancholic sound. It almost sounds like songs that were written with vocals in mind, but released without. It’s got tons of energy, really great car music to jam along to, especially Bystander. Many of the songs do meander towards their goals, but not in a mindless form. They know where they wanted to go with them, didn’t fill with lots of useless production, and everything sounds very balanced. You will hear the band, not just certain instruments. The production is awesome, after a couple listens you’ll pick up some neat little flourishes from different sections, waiting like eggs on Easter Sunday.

I highly recommend this record to anyone looking for solid rock/metal, you’re going to find a release worth listening too straight through. Find NY64 by NY IN 64 on April 7th, digital preorders are here, physical preorders to be available #soon, and stream Maintaining Now, The Contact at their YouTube or Bandcamp.

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