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Entropy OACAnd we are back with another new album coming down the pike, this time a phenomenal heavy rock/metal album from a relatively unknown (to me, at least) band, Entropy O.A.C., with their newest offering, Dark Clouds and Clarity.

The band is not on my radar previous to this review, but I am definitely checking out their two previous records of work, so it has impressed me. THe album, on first listen, harkens back to early 2000s, just really pulling a post-Grunge era sound, when bands like Stone Sour and Mushroomhead were just throwing down, and you had a really dark rock atmosphere. They make me feel like I am listening to whatever I could get my hands on in high school, great brooding music. They have a sound similar to the second to last Slipknot album which isn’t an insult like it sounds. They aren’t going from extreme to radio friendly, so the sound is perfect. THeir singer is excellent, with a solid heavy chug band, great drumming.

Since this is an EP, it’s short, only 3 songs. And they do something weird that just gets me all angsty about it: the songs don’t always have a closing act. For example, Endless Fire is the second song, only 2:08. No problem with that, many songs really fill that, but this song just cuts off after the swell of the riff, dead to the next song in the middle of a word. Really hoping that its an issue with the file, because I want to hear the rest of the damn song! I pine for it! And technically, song 3, Realm of Grey, does the same thing, but cutting at 3:22 in the middle of a chord. It’s terrible, like leaving a batman movie as he throws the first punch, or just as Superman’s eyes turn red. It’s KILLING ME.

Overall, you have no new ground, but the band walks it well enough that I am enthusiastic about the album, as I can’t name any real sources of the top of my head, but I have the exact time the sound is from. Really fun, competent, I just want the full songs and I am working on it!

Want more? Here’s the official video for Realm of Grey, freshly released by the band!

Look for the album, Dark Clouds and Clarity, April 21st, on Pavement Music, who just recently signed Entropy O.A.C.!

*UPDATE: I was correct! teh song files were bad, so they are working on correcting that, and I will update with full song reviews! SUCK IT DIGITAL AGE.*

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