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FulgoraStratagem, the new seven-track skull-crusher from grindcore/death henchmen, FULGORA, is out TODAY via Housecore Records. A name representing the female personification of lightning in Greek mythology, FULGORA unites members of Pig Destroyer, Misery Index and Agoraphobic Nosebleed. Together, their output is unapologetically vicious, sadistic and infuriated.

A maniacal collection of limited vinyl singles and samples, Stratagem takes the searing, audio demolition of their collective pedigrees to new realms of sonic punishment. Houston Press notes, “FULGORA skews far more to the modern hardcore and crossover thrash side of metal. [Guitarist/vocalist B.L.] LaMew’s vocals are not screamed or squealed, but rather shouted. But never fear; FULGORA still serves up quite a helping of jagged time changes and math-metal riffage. These guys probably couldn’t write a completely straightforward song if they tried to,” while Alternative Control commends FULGORA‘s undeniably “sick twist on the ever evolving grindcore genre.” In an 8/10 review, Decibel boasts, “With Adam and John Jarvis (Pig Destroyer, Misery Index, Agoraphobic Nosebleed etc.) acting as the rhythmic backbone for guitarist/vocalist B.L. LaMew, it’s not a surprise that direct lines exist between those bands. Not that we’re complaining. Adam’s drumming …unfathomably exudes space, breadth and surprising amounts of groove, while sounding like he’s hitting everything at once. His frenetic style works well with LaMew’s weaving of splashy discord into taut powerful riffs.” Dead Rhetoric opines, “Whereas the ‘big three’ bands noted… go into mostly death, grind, and destruction, FULGORA sets their sights at something a bit more hardcore in nature, not to mention melodic. We aren’t talking melodic in the sense of something bouncy and happy, as Stratagem is quite loaded with vitriol but there’s fair bit of backing groove to the usual approach. The overall sound is pretty filthy… and this helps in terms of the caustic approach of the tunes,” while MetalSucks elaborates, “…if Misery Index is a determined fanatic seething with the righteous rage of political revolution and Pig Destroyer is the lovelorn, desperate stalker of every woman’s nightmares, then FULGORA is a mad scientist who is going to make you the middle section of his human centipede. FULGORA’s music is unforgiving and furious, but it’s also executed with surgical precision,” furthering, “Their music has been scientifically proven to cause an overwhelming desire to cut one’s own face off and feed it to dogs.”

Stratagem is out NOW via Philip H. Anselmo’s Housecore Records. For CD orders, visit THIS LOCATION. Vinyl lovers go HERE.


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