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La Betre and King Buffalo AlbumOne of the coolest collaborations is about to drop this February, the split between Le Betre of Sweden and King Buffalo of New York will drop exclusively from DIY vinyl label giant, STB Records! If you love that retro style blues and rock, with an aftertaste of spacey, laidback doom, you have found Nirvana!

Two teaser tracks have been released from the split, Gowns & Crowns by Le Betre and Providence Eye by King Buffalo. The album will have 8 total tracks, 5 from Le Betre and 3 from King Buffalo. The album will also be available on limited number (LOW numbers) through STB Records, and wil be the stunnng quality STB is known for. They will be custom colored, and worthy of any collection of discerning vinyl fans.

Just hearing the two recently streamed tracks, this album will rock your ears off. Le Betre comes out swinging with Gowns & Crowns, with a sound like Graveyard and Witchcraft, a very bluesy and retro sounding rock. The song is short at 2 and a half minutes, but really gets the foot tapping. These guys know how to hook you in, and have no problems putting it to sound. Definitely similar to that Helsinki Blues sound.

King Buffalo is not to be shown up on the dance floor, however, as they have a very heavy number titled Providence Eye that runs past the 10 minute mark, and just brings the groove. The song is like Pelican adding a true vocalist, one who knows how to hit those clean notes without trying to out shine the band, and then discovering some Stevie Ray Vaughn jam sessions. Its almost ephemeral, the way the music comes out of the speakers, like a light fog of bass, guitars, clean picking, and a good solid rock drum line. Its awesome!

STB Records has released these to tease us and get our musical mouths watering, and they have succeeded! Stay tuned for the next month, as STB might take pity on us mortals and let us get another taste of the ambrosia of the gods. Find the tracks at STB Record’s Bandcamp!

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