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MemeAfter combing through the desert of releases out now, especially just released on Bandcamp, the slav- Staff! here at Metal Machine were asked, not forced!, to find even more $5 and under deals on that treasure trove of musical talent! Same rules will apply, it has to be $5/less or NYOP/FREE, or less than 4 in foreign currency. Simple, easy to remember, and CHEAP. Welcome to my Part 2…

And so the list begins….

The Great American Ghost
Shiver: $1
Deathbed: NYOP/FREE
S/T: $3

Apathia Records
Sampler: FREE
Genital Grinder & Como Muertos split: 4EUR
Introspection by Abstrusa Unde: FREE
Oruga by Oruga: 3EUR
Blastbit Rococollider by Pryaprisme: NYOP:FREE

Xtreem Music
Beneath the Cemetery by Coffinborn: 3EUR
A Hymn of the Vicious Monster by Azooma: 3EUR
Morbid Black Oath by Gravecrusher: 3EUR
Xtreem Mutilation vol 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and Xtreem Promotions by Xtreem Records CD1 and 2:FREE
Psychopath Next Door by Necropsy: 2.50EUR
Phase 1: Inner Earth Dimension by UNWOM: NYOP/FREE

Nemeton Records
Aftergod- The Honourable Way: 4EUR

The Power of Independent Trucking Cassette + Remixes: NYOP/FREE
dark transmi55ions: NYOP/FREE
trebuchet: FREE
The Last Ride of Dr. Sanchez: FREE

Death Culture Tapes (cassettes)
Hoth – “Oathbreaker” LP: $5
URAL – “Wasteland” EP: $3/$5 (Digi/Cass)
AHRM s​/​t LP: $5
Zorakarer – “Clarion Call of Destiny”: $5/$5
Walpurgisnacht – “Vergheldinghens Crachte”: $5/$5
Sól – “Black Mountain”: $4/$5

Depressive Illusions Records
Diabolus Benedictus by Nostra Cantus: 4GBP
Entering the realm of a depressive state of mind by December Nightskies: 2GBP
Perphenazine by December Nightskies: 2GBP
Mood Swings by December Nightskies: 2GBP
Welcome to the end by Mors Voluntaria: 4GBP
Duophonic space by Saturn Form Essence: 4GBP
Nekrohatred: Unreleased Rare Tracks by Rancid Entity: 4GBP
Satanic Oath: The Best of Rancid Entity by Rancid Entity: 4GBP
Rehearsal Tape by Rancid Entity: 4GBP
Demo ll by Rancid Entity: 4GBP
Demo by Rancid Entity: 4GBP
Nostalgic Oppression by Flamme Noire: 3GBP
Structure 14​-​79​-​33 by Saturn Form Essence: 3GBP
Saturn Form Essence / Willowbrook by Saturn Form Essence / Willowbrook: 4GBP
Promo Sampler #6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 by Depressive Illusions Records: FREE
Ukrainian Morning Misanthropy by Zlyden: 3GBP
Духовные скрепы by Ancient Funeral Cult: 1GBP
Empty Cold by Winter Depression: 4GBP
Demo l by Arrant: 3GBP
666 Three Six by 666 Three Six: 3GBP
My Nocturnal March by Rotten Light: 3GBP
Nocturnal Disturbance by Ogun Oru: 4GBP
Dark Energy by OJ 287: 4GBP
Zero Hour by Висельник: 4GBP
Memories by Life’s Illusion: 3GBP
Satanic Terror Ritual I by Lord Andras: 2GBP
Satanic Terror Ritual II by Lord Andras: 2 GBP
Alex by Lord Andras: 3GBP
A Pathway Through Forgotten Woods by Mors Voluntaria: 4GBP
Echo of Ancient Life by Tired Space: 3GBP
Estrangement by Deviator: 3GBP
Dark Visions by Simon Belmont: NYOP?FREE
Vibrio Cholerae Records Promo Sampler #1 by Depressive Illusions Records: NYOP/FREE
Superior Lakes of Sorrow by Coldbound: 4GBP
Uruz by Deviator: 3GBP
Черно​-​Белый Рассвет by Nexrist: 4GBP
The pathway is more clear in darkness by Burgûli: 3GBP
November Sorrow by Simon Belmont: NYOP/FREE
Suicide Room by Simon Belmont: NYOP/FREE
Solitude by Simon Belmont: NYOP/FREE
Леза в снігу by Simon Belmont: NYOP/FREE
Under the sign of pure evil by Unfrozen: 4GBP

Crucial Blast Records
Carrion Anthems: Crucial Blast Autumn 2014 Sampler by Crucial Blast: FREE
Satanic Vulvacrafts by LUCIFER’S FORESKIN: $5
Vacancy by RECLUSA: $5
Nightwar by WOLFNUKE: $1.99
Tsisnaasjini by SCHREI AUS STEIN: $5
Bleak by ROBE.: $5
Ritual Of The Ouroboros by KORPERSCHWACHE: $5
From The Idle Cylinders by LIGHT OF SHIPWRECK: $5
Dead Lights | Red Skies by FULCI: $5
Into The Void by LUASA RAELON: $5
The Seed Mouth Collection by JESUS OF NAZARETH / EXPLODING METH LAB: $5
Uncertain Ritual by WETHER: $5
Soulless Solace by BACTERIA CULT: $5
Bathed In Sunlight by ENCOMIAST: $5
Black Veil Of The Sanguinarian by MARAX: $5
Final Diagnosis by YES COLLAPSE: $5
Final Diagnosis by YES COLLAPSE: $5
Broken Blades Of Steel Scattered Across The Narrow Way by Korperschwache: $5
Mer Morte by MONARCH: $5
Audiofilm II by SCOTT HULL *Limited Compact Disc, 85 left at time of writing*: $4.99
Extinction by NEKRASOV: $5
Audiofilm I by SCOTT HULL *Limited CD, 51 left*: $4.99
Body Horror by IRON FOREST: $5
Fragments From The Aethyr by FUNERARY CALL: $5
Ovencleaner by KORPERSCHWACHE: $5
Mywomanmywomanmyslave by KORPERSCHWACHE: $5
Tumescent Love Songs For Psychotic Drifters by KORPERSCHWACHE: $5
Fangs Of An Angry God by KORPERSCHWACHE: $5
Der Antikrist by KORPERSCHWACHE: $5
Undeath by TIME MOTH EYE: $5
Heresies: 2012 by CRUCIAL BLAST: FREE
Infinite Castigation by Lycanthropic Warhead: $5
The Anticonscience by RECLUSA: $4.99
The Ever​-​Present by NEKRASOV: $5
A Fistful of Nihilism by KORPERSCHWACHE: $5
Blood Everywhere by KORPERSCHWACHE: $5
Charting The Schism by THEOLOGIAN: $5
Evil Walks by KORPERSCHWACHE: $5
Night Country Fog by KORPERSCHWACHE: $5
The Politics Of The Irredeemable by The Human Quena Orchestra: $5
Freed Of This Flesh by TREES: $5
Goat by FISTULA: $5 *Author Pick of the List*
± by NOISM: $5
An Ocean Without Water by SOUVENIR’S YOUNG AMERICA: $5
Dead In The Woods by GREY DATURAS: $5
Alpha Males and Popular Girls by SO I HAD TO SHOOT HIM: $2.98
Contagion Heuristic by MICROWAVES: $5
Cloak Of Love by GENGHIS TRON: $3.98
Mondo Dell’Orrore by GEISHA: $5
City Of Dis by THE MASS: $4.99
Perfect Picture Of Wisdom & Boldness by THE MASS: $4.99
Service Repair Handbook by SUZUKITON: $5
Desengano by SAMUS: $4.99
More Like A Gunshot Than A Car Wreck by BELOW THE SOUND: $4.99

The Raven – Warrel Dane​/​Ted Kirkpatrick – Orange Amp Drone Mix by Ted Kirkpatrick: NYOP/FREE
ONWARD TO FREEDOM by Ted Kirkpatrick / Tourniquet: $1
Tourniquet – Live in California by Tourniquet: $5
Carry the Wounded by Tourniquet: $5
Tourniquet Recorded Live by Tourniquet: $5

Instrumental Demo 2014 by Grok: $1

Girl 27 / Dreamcrusher Split by Girl 27 (Crowhurst solo) / Dreamcrusher: NYOP/FREE

Demo VIII – Of Falling Mountains and Searing Winds by Nefaria: $1

The Watcher’s Dream by Tarot: 4.50AUD

Sleep White Winter s​/​t LP by Death Culture Tapes: $5

Trollgasm/Rannoch Moor Split: NYOP/FREE

Gutterborn EP by Failure: $1

Ostbunker by Panzer Squad: 1GBP

Skyggeland by Istårn: 1GBP

Transcend​/​Revert by Altered Perceptions: NYOP/FREE

MEFITIC : Devouring Torment by Drakkar Productions Official: 2.90EUR

MEFITIC : Signing The Servants of God by Drakkar Productions Official: 2.90EUR

Hämys – KISIKILLILLVKX by EE-Records: 3.33EUR

Book of the Night​-​Legends by Arathgoth: NYOP/FREE

As Two Worlds Collide
by Stormtide


the demise of the sane
by humanity defiled

Holy Serpent EP
by Holy Serpent


they were running under the starry sky by thehappymask: NYOP/FREE

Rise Of The Fallen by Unholy Quest: NYOP/FREE

Fat Voyage by THERA ROYA: $1

Begrime Exemious​/​Flash Out 7″ split by Filth Regime Records: 2CAD

Blind Justice / Heavy Chains Split by Blind Justice/Heavy Chains Split: $4

Ierotelestia by Theosis: 2EUR

Split by Sardiniu Metodas & Arytnelanuko: $3

Towards to the Memories of My Inner Self​.​.​. DSBM Split by Rotten Light & Shaitan & Savnet & Suicide Movement: $3

Delirium Tremens by Sautheneron: $3

Imajinasi Hitam by Sakrality: $3

Nyctophilia by Rotten Light: $3

Nightrhymes by Rigid Horns: $3

Nyx by Rigid Horns: $3

Triumph Of Pan by Rigid Horns: $3

Warlust Style by Unit-Ass: $3

Non​-​System Anti​-​Opposition by Unit-Ass & ӨӨӨ: $3

Stay tuned for #3 this next week! Or whenever the interns finish our pyramid in tribute to our godhood. For Reasons. Stay Metal!

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