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Curse the Son 1Being a huge fan of Doom, Drone, Stoner, and fuzz in general, and having a borderline obsession with finding stuff on Bandcamp, I have foudn some incredible releases, many not known by people who don’t frequent the site. One such find is the album Klonopain by Curse the Son, a doom band of the bleak and monolithic style.

The album is just a slab of doom and fuzz, and just builds upon each riff. The style isn’t one where you’ll get tons of progression of reinvention, but you have a basic riff and groove, basically the bedrock of the album, and they take it into the earth, where darkness and shadow wend and weave to create a whole new sonic texture for you. A perfect example is the title track, Klonopain, an instrumental track that uses a basic few chords, and they just do permutations, keeping it low, slow, and simple. However, they use several effects throughout, and mix the guitars into just a cacophony by the ed, and it makes the song change into something consuming. Your mind just fuzzes out and falls into a blissful fugue. The whole album is just full of this, with Unbearable Doer of Wrong starting the party with just a heavy ass riff, with some different vocals than one would expect. Just a very clear, clean singer, goes well with the music. Contrasts very nicely.

Curse the Son has a great sound, and the production on the album is really good. It captures all of the darkness and depth of the music, without falling into the mud pit that downtuning and heavy can bring with it. The album is a long listen, as teh aforementioned genres tend towards, with the shortest song (Unbearable Doer of Wrong) clocks in at 5:26, and the longest (Klonopain) bursting the levies at a massive 12:08. If you pick this slab up, be ready to alot a good amount of your day wading through the sludgy morass of Curse the Son!

Avail yourself of this doom laden fog at the Curse the Son Bandcamp, for NYOP, or free if you feel that way!

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