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Fuzz Evil, CHIEFSAh, the beautiful split album. How I do indeed love thee. Especially when two talented acts get together and make a fuzzed up masterpiece like this new split on Battleground Records, a four color wax 7″, featuring Glitterbones from Fuzz Evil and Stone Bull by CHIEFS. More after the link!

Fuzz evil kicks off the album with a very rock inspired Glitterbones, highlighting some super bluesy licks softened and throbbing with that glorious effect, so loved its half their name! It’s all power chords and riffage, for the first 40 seconds, and then singer Wayne Rudell ,or Joseph Rudell (Guitar and bass, respectively. Both are from Powdered Wig Machine, as well.), pop in and its simply delves into a glorious doom/stoner music trip. The drums are handled by Marlin Tuttle, and he provides a bedrock beat behind the fuzzed out strings of the Rudell brothers, the whole thing feeling like one huge jam session. It’s great for cruising, loving, writing, thinking- just whatever you need an excellent, spacious, hefty rock song for. Perfect place to start with these guys, as they are also finishing up a full length record for 2015.

After all the rock dies down, and the room starts to settle, CHIEFS just comes in swinging, with slow, monolithic guitar riffs, fuzzed to almost the ends of what sounds like notes. Stone Bull is where you find this newer band, and find them in fine form you do! it’s all grove from these gentlemen, with low laidback vocals provided by either Paul Valle – Guitars/Vocals – or Jeff Podeszwik – Bass/Vocals -, adn they just serenade your brain until its time to just throw some hefty riff around. They play with energy and emotion, solid rock riffing again, but it’s not going to reinvent anything. And that is perfectly fine with me, as they are the perfet B side for this combo.

The split is out on Battleground Records, for $10! TEN FREAKING DOLLARS?! Get 3! If you just want Digital, check out Fuzz Evil, CHIEFS, and Battleground Records all on bandcamp!

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