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This week at the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum, Mez-itz (A brand off of Mezco Toys) released their new brand of Batman themed toys. Oh and what a sight it was. On top of the usual bright eyed and bushy tailed tourist filtering in to see what was going on there were many individuals wielding Batman costumes and even a 70’s bat mobile parked inside. On top of working the event Metal Machine was lucky enough to wander the halls of the building to be shocked and awed by it’s exhibits. Mez-itz made sure that they promoted their product properly by hanging out instantly a medium sized Batman figure to all press members who walked in. However, they did not want to single any fan out, so they had raffles for other knick-knacks for everyone else that attended. Anyone who walked through the door was allowed to join the instantly picked raffle allowing fans to leave instantly with a figurine. A lot of their product was based on the most recent feature film The Dark Knight Rises. Mezco is known for their work with different licensing to create many different toys such as Breaking Bad figurines, Dumo, Chucky, South Park, Eathworm Jim, and even Mars Attack. This company combines humor and horror with a dab of action and adventure to create some of the most sought out toys on this planet. The company was founded by Michael Markowitz (Mez) in 2000 and seems to be well on their way of staying in the business with cutting edge new toys that people absolutely love. After working at the event we aimlessly fred the halls of the Ripley’s museum only to learn about some extraordinary, astonished, and disturbing things that have occurred all over the world. This museum really is a sight to see. There were rooms dedicated to animals born with additional limbs and heads. There was a room concocted only of different torture devices used throughout the centuries. The bodies of taxidermic animals were strategically places all over the museum to prove points of oddities that lay in more that one breed. Carefully crafter pieces of art made from just about everything that you could ever image lay strewn across the halls such as boats made from ivory, portraits made of chewing tobacco, cabinets made from over 500 pieces of wood, and a portrait of Abraham Lincoln made from pennies. If you have never gone to see this museum I definitely recommend it. However, stay out of the black hole, you might be stuck with the benz through out the day.

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