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Alongside the heralded Speed Racer and Kimba: The White Lion, MARINE
BOY was one of the original handful of imported television series that
captured youngsters’ imaginations and put Japanese anime in the
stateside consciousness.

Now fans of the 1960s series, and an entire new generation of anime
appreciators, can experience the undersea hero’s aquatic adventures as
Warner Archive Collection distributes MARINE BOY: THE COMPLETE FIRST

Produced in Japan but intended for first-run syndication in the United
States during 1966-67, Marine Boy was one of the first color cartoons
to come from Japan. A teenager with some amazing inventions at his
disposal, Marine Boy battles evil on and under the seas on behalf of
the Ocean Patrol, aided by his father, Dr. Mariner, and the brilliant
Professor Fumble. Joining Marine Boy in his missions are his white
dolphin, Splasher, young mermaid friend Neptina, and fellow Ocean
Patrol agents Bullton and Piper.

The series even shared some pedigree with Speed Racer, most notably
featuring several members of the rival series’ voice cast – like
Corinne Orr, the voice of Marine Boy, Neptina and Clicli (as well as
Trixie on Speed Racer); Peter Fernandez as Piper and Dr. Mariner (and
the original voice of Speed Racer) and Jack Grimes as Professor Fumble
and Splasher (Chim-Chim). Jack Curtis provided the voice of the
narrator for both series.

If sea-faring adventure is your brand of fun, then Warner Archive
Collection has a vault filled with entertainment made for you. From
live-action thrillers like Man From Atlantis, City Beyond the Sea and
Captain Nemo and the Underwater City to the animated dramas SeaLab
2020 and The Pirates of Dark Water to the silliness of Jabberjaw and
Snorks, there’s something for every aquatic fan … including special
discounts during the current “Harpoon Sale.” Dive into
http://shop.warnerarchive.com/home.do today.

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