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New Jersey USDM Commando Unit ENTRENCHED has provided track-by-track commentary about the lyrics of Preemptive Strike. On the exceptionally well written, professionally recorded, and wholly devastating Preemptive Strike ENTRENCHED has crafted an album in the war torn tradition of BOLT THROWER, INVASION, and HAIL OF BULLETS.  Preemptive Strike

offers memorable songwriting, hellacious grooves, and a world war’s worth of firefights.

Check out the track commentary below to get the inside scoop on these tales of carnage. Then get in touch at clawhammerpr@gmail.com for coverage inquiries.

“Bred to Kill” – This one’s about children who are forced into war against their will. Our immediate thoughts went to places like the Congo in Africa and the Hitler youths from World War II. Armies so desperate for recruits they literally breed these children to fight in their wars.  The children come to think of it as normal and know no other way of life.


“ICBM” – This song kind of says it all in the title. It’s about an ICBM that destroys the world and mankind with it, pretty straightforward.

“Landbrecher 666” – We got the idea for this one when we came across the concept designs of the German Landkreuzer p. 1500 monster tank.  It is an extremely massive tank, as the lyrics mention.  We decided to give it a slightly more menacing name by sticking with the German and calling it Landbrecher, which is land crusher.  The 666 came about because if created it would probably be the most ungodly piece of machinery ever made.  The song goes on to describe how the tank destroys everything in its path and is truly an unstoppable force that rides on forever.

“Frenzied Amputation” – This song is about a soldier who gets wounded by mortar fire and decides maybe he could make his excruciating pain go away if he hacks off all his limbs.  He then proceeds to do so and immediately regrets his decision.  Really it doesn’t make too much sense, but sometimes there is no room for sense in war.

“Anesthetic Death” – This one is about soldiers who go away to war and become addicted to drugs.  We looked at the history during the Vietnam War, how many soldiers would go to war, confused not even knowing what they were fighting for, and they would like for a way out.  An easy escape would be to get high. Some people would take it farther than just weed; drugs like morphine, cocaine, and heroine.  They’d come back from war drug addicts.  Things like this happened again during the Iraq war, history repeating itself.  The lyrics specifically detail the account of a soldier who can’t get the lust for drugs and war out his system once he returns home, so he goes back into Vietnam, does tons of drugs, kills everything in sight and has no regrets about doing so . [Now streaming at www.stereokiller.com/entrenched].

“Burnt and Destroyed” – The track is about a man whose home city is destroyed in a missile strike, his friends and family all dead.  He vows to take revenge against the ones responsible.  Against impossible odds, a soldier who does not fear death, is still a very dangerous foe.

“Tooth and Nail” – The song is about a POW who has lost his faith in god after being abandoned by his country and abused by his captors for seven years.  He hasn’t given up the will to fight though, and once he manages to escape he gets revenge by killing his captors, but he still wants revenge on god for leaving him.  He prepares to kill himself in order to take the fight to god in the afterlife.

“Dropping the Tsar Bomb” – The Tsar Bomb was the single largest nuclear bomb ever dropped in the history of mankind;, this fact alone made us have to write a song about it.  The Russians tested it on the Novaya Zemlya archipelago and the explosion could be seen in Finland. This thing was ridiculous, and the scariest part about it is that it was real.   

If this bomb was used in warfare or produced in mass quantities, mankind would surely become extinct.




Entrenched emerged from the trenches of New Jersey when Sean and Charles started jamming together in September 2009. Once songs started being written nonchalance turned into brutality par excellence. Like munitions manufactured in times of war; riff after riff, song after song, Entrenched wrote with skill, passion and precision. The recording campaign of the first full length began in November 2009 and carried on into the spring of 2010. It was recorded in Charles’ subterranean command bunker and nothing but perfection was acceptable. After a lengthy recruiting campaign and one conscription, Entrenched enlisted Michael Mullins to perform some additional solos. The album was finished and mixed in August 2010 and was mastered by Alan Douches at WWSM. The first Entrenched record is now prepared for deployment and is ready to be unleashed upon mankind. Look out for Entrenched in the year 2011.     



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