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The chase continues! Solomon Kane travels into the jungle of an unknown island to pursue the infamous Le Loup on his path to redemption and to fulfill his ultimate goal: making the brutal swordsman thief pay for the murder of his precious child. Unfortunately there is much more that lies in wait for Kane than a final battle with Le Loup to reap his vengeance.

Solomon ventures off into the jungle in order to trace the tracks of his rival and, needless to say, he encounters fairly large and vicious animals. The greatness of it all is the instinctual strategy that Kane possesses, unsheathing his blade from the hilt of his musket. Throughout the entirety of the issue, there is a satisfying aura of suspense at every page. Kane becomes entrapped in Le Loup’s footsteps and is finally face to face with him once more, however, as a prisoner kept bound and sentenced to execution. Sending his most powerful and brutal of the natives, Gulka, to deal the finishing blow to Kane after displaying his own type of carving craftiness on a previous unfortunate soul, the fast paced action springs forward with full force.

The skirmish between the hulking Gulka, with heavy blade in hand, and the clearly undersized Solomon becomes embellished in the rapid successions of blows, trading speed for power and gruesome exchanges of slashes and hackings. As if the action couldn’t get any more built up, a shocking and completely unforeseen twist comes about. At the emerging surprise the majority of the natives run into the jungle, suddenly fearless of the beasts that lurk there and focused on escaping the area. The conclusion of the comic could not come sooner, with a plethora of questions left unanswered and the jaws dropped at the sight of the climactic finish.

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